Are Water Softeners Bad for MJ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by IMgreen, May 4, 2007.

  1. High Folks!

    I am wondering if water softeners leave salt in the water, do they?

    The water here is very hard, so all of it goes through the softener first...

    I am on my third crop and it's been about a month flowering and once again I am seeing too much yellowing leaves

    I water with PH 6.6 (sometimes a tad less) when they need it
    Vegged with 1/2 strength MG tomato food for 2.5 months (up til flower)
    Vegging in another closet (they seem to be doing great during veg!)
    Fed w/Shultz Bloom at 1/4 (every third watering)

    They are living in a pretty large closet (almost 7x7 8 ft tall) under a 400 watt hps, 75degress, 60%RH and I leave the door open for ventilation m-f
  2. post picts, sounds like you need to up the nitrogen.
  3. here's a pic...

    Thanks for the 420 411 chimera!

    I know its kinda gangly looking, but I only had the HPS for the end of the last flowering cycle so I was unsure how close I could get it, it was way too high so I got them roller up and down thingy's and lowered it after some of these stretched really far...

    (still in the learning mode over here)
  4. here's a smaller pic....

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  5. how big are the pots? and what kind of soil. but it's normal for the lower leaves they will yellow and fall don't worry about that but you can go a long time with the flowering to get some nice buds. Good luck
  6. heavy salt buildup from the softener could very likely be the case ,nutrient lockout, especally if u dont check the carbon filter and dont back flush the filter. check the TDS (total dizzolved solids ) with a tds meter or take sample to ur local water store

    I suggest u use distilled water, even though it cost 40- 70 cents a gallon its well worth it(its the best)
  7. the TDS should read <40- 70ppm with carbon filter. 60ppm - 100ppm without for softeners >

    <40- 80ppm for (carbon filter )>

    <30-60ppm for R/O (reverse osmosis)>

    <100-200ppm+ for tap & river>

    <30- 60ppm for spring water>

    <0.1- 0.7ppm> for distilled> ppm
    (parts per million)
  8. i checked into getting a softener once. i was told that you can't drink it. if that's the case, neither can your plants. i'd buy a cheap r/o system on e-bay.
  9. Hi guys.
    I am late to the party as usual. I do have something to add here. I have well water up here in the country. We siphon it through a water softener. We have to fill that sucker up with salt about every three months but, boy it keeps the water soft for showers etc.

    Everything I have ever read on growing weed says water softened water is the worst water to use for watering weed. I have been watering my plants like this for years and no problems. The pH is a bit high at 7.3 or so and the ppm's are over 300 but, still no issues and I now adjust the water's pH before giving it to them. I also never notice salt buildup on my plants because when I water I water so plenty runs out the bottom. Oh and by the way, the water is absolutley delicious to drink.
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