Are vaporizers worth it for the casual smoker? (1-2 times a week)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BeEasyChillin, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. New responsibilities have forced me to cut back to only smoking once or twice a week. Now I have tried vaporizers before and liked them but I must say that I still like the experience of smoking better. Anyways, I really want a vape because of the health benefits and how much cleaner it is than combustion. however I don't know if the 150+ dollars it costs to get a decent one is worth it or not?? And I would want a decent/good one like vaporbros or da buddah. Has anyone who smokes about as frequently as me and bought a vape give your opinion?? also im only interested in whip style vapes not bags or portable ones. Thanks all!!
    Be Easy :smoke:

  2. The ultimate question here is the money worth it for your health? I smoke about 3 times a week now and use a vape and bong. I say that you should only get a vape if you feel that it can improve your health. If you want to get a vape, stick to the known brands like volcano, etc.
  3. It's healthier. But to me the high is more watered down. Not as much of a head high as it is a body high. Maybe there just me
  4. A lot of good vapes can be bought NEW on ebay for half the price for some reason...
  5. Healthier, you need about 1 tenth of the weed to get high, and contrary to what was posted above if you use it properly the high is just as good if not better.
  6. they take to long to me.. unless you wanna get a really nice one
  7. Buy it. I am unfortunate if i use more than a gram a month, smoking almost daily. It is certainly worth the investment if you see yourself smoking for years to come.
  8. yeah cause tehre chinese fake ones

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