Are vaporizers worth it for the casual smoker? (1-2 times a week)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BeEasyChillin, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hey all I was wondering about your guy's take on vaporizers for the more casual smoker. While for the past two years I used to smoke daily I have taken on new responsibilities that have forced me to cut down to once or twice a week. Now, the main reason I'm drawn to vaporizers is because of how much healthier they are than combustion. But my question is are they worth the 150+ dollars for a decent one?? with how much I smoke now that money could supply me bud for three months at least. what should I do?? are they worth it?? I'm also only interested in whip style vapes not portable ones or bag ones. thank you all!!
    Be Easy :smoke:

  2. unless your worried about your health, intake and general budget on green then yes a vape could be for you but what kind would depend on your life style. Portable or desktop, butane or battery? just a couple things to consider but for the most part I love vaping and honestly have only smoked a couple of joints since switching and that was 5 months ago
  3. Yea,im one of them,went from smoking 2-3 blunts a day to vaping or hitting the bong a few times a week. Got me the arizer solo,i highly recommend it for portability.
  4. I've been a daily toker for 15 years now and made the switch to vaping this new year. The plan (from my early twenties) was to quit smoking fags and weed at age 30.
    Fast forward ten years, and now I'm 30. I knocked the fags on the head at new year, no problem. I rarely drink - dislike myself when I'm drunk, hangovers, and I find drunk people annoying. So I didn't want to give up the weed as it was my only real vice. So I decided to cut it down to weekends and treat it like most of the public treat having a beer, rather than getting caned every day. Vapourising was the way to go. I did it mainly to save my lungs after 15 years of daily abuse, but a bonus is how much less bud I am using as vaporising is just so much more efficient.
    I haven't had a drag of a cig or a spliff since new year, and do not miss it one bit. In fact I know that I never want to combust anything again, and my only regret is not reading up on vaping and taking it up years ago.
    Maybe you will be different, some people don't seem to get as high from vapourisers, but give it a week or two of not combusting and you will soon see how much higher you can actually get. Just persevere with it is my advice.
    Even only using it a couple of times a week, over its lifetime, a vape would pay for itself many times over.

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