are ufo conspiracy's blown out of porprtion or is there some really weird/secretive s

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  1. hit going down?

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    Area 51 is so secret, the government used to deny it existed.

    Now, we know it exists, yet we know nothing about it, and you can't get anywhere near close to it. All we really know is what they do involves high-tech flight.

    The answer lies there.. Too bad we'll never know. :p
  3. They either have confiscated alien technology there that they're trying to research and understand to further our own technology, or it's just where they test new top secret technology of our own make.
  4. that doesn't explain the countless UFO sightings..........................

    many are fake but there are a lot of famous incidents and the government wont say a word

    [ame=]YouTube - Mexico Ufo Encounter 11 UFO's The most famous sighting ever![/ame]

    I know that when you are young and stoned you may be temped to belive that PSY-OPS are a fantasy. Not true. The GOVERNMENT considers YOU to be the enemy population that must be manipulated and controlled, much like cattle.

    Orson Welles and War of the Worlds was a massive psycological operation that was tested on the public.

    People have been steadily programmed to believe that aliens are real, that they are here and that they could harm us if we threaten to destroy the environment. :rolleyes:

    The threat of an alien invasion will be the final enemy that unites the world in to the New World Order. I did not think that up, I got it straight from the horses mouth.

    [ame=]YouTube - UFOs, Holograms & the Blue Beam Project[/ame]


    Don't you get it yet???? :rolleyes:

    [ame=]YouTube - INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER 101[/ame]
  6. that seems like a plausible theory. I wouldn't be suprised if all the War of the Worlds and ufo destruction ideas come from the government, but I don't think UFO's have proved themselves to be hostile- if they were they probably could have destoryed Earth by now.

    I think the problem with them is that if they ever tried to land the US government being how they are would probably start attacking the aliens , when they are actually the peaceful ones. UFO technology is pretty fucking incredible.

    I think UFO's could be people from the future and that is why they keep themselves fairly hidden as they observe this world.
  7. maybe area 51 is a bit like the 9/11 conspiracy on south park haha

    whats better for the government than having people thinking that the government are so high and mighty that they can keep ufo's/aliens in a secretive bulding that we cant get to

    makes them seem all powerfull

    just something to think about ... whilst stoned would blow your mind :p:eek::smoke:

  8. I agree with maxrule... if you look at all the sources who are pushing the alien thing a pattern starts to emerge.
  9. Holy shit. I never thought about that. +rep man

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