Are u over 25yrs old?

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  1. So I've been reading alot of threads/posts here at this community and slowly i am beggining to realise alot of you guys in here are either in your late teens or just turned legal to drink. Im still new to this forum so i might be wrong but how many of you guys are over 25 and out of college? who makes up the majority of this community, other than pot heads that is.:confused:
  2. Im 21 and there used to be many mature memebers here but most of them left and the underage newbs overtook this place
  3. i will 4 years and 21 days. ima turn 21 on the 22nd lol woot woot
  4. I'm almost 24, if that makes you feel better
  5. 21 here, i figure its because once your out of college and get a real job and start a family theres no time for weed then alone a forum dedicated to it ... but i know what ya mean i tend to think many ppl here are in highschool not even college man.
  6. Just stay out of recreational and general and buzz more around the real marijuana related stuff like growing. Of course what do I know i'm 19. Either way though, I don't care how old you are if you can carry a conversation and act mature i'm all good. Also not trying to be a "grammar nazi" but I fucking hate when people can't even *TRY* to spell. It makes sense to make a few mistakes, but when we can't comprehend you, you can just fuck off.

    biggest giveaway of people uderage is usually something like this

    "Hai guiz i wuz at my homiz houze n we wuz all bunnin dis blunt and his moms came in yo and towld him he shuldt smok"

    Makes me want to reach in my monitor and slap a fucker.
  7. I'm over 25, but yeah... many of the posters here are pretty young.
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  9. inb4 someone posting they're under 18 and getting b&.
  10. There have definitely been an influx of yougin's here recently. It's too bad too to be honest. Oh well, whatcha gonna do...start your own forum? Oh yeah...hmm...

    I'm almost 40 btw - I have less than 20 months to go.
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    The difference between 12 and 38...
  12. I'm 20, if that makes me any less mature than a 25 year old then I'm sorry.

  13. 5 additional years of living on your own adds a lot to one's maturity.

    Of course, if we're talking about an unemployed 25 year old who still lives at home, then no.
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    yay, I can be included in this group!
    I find most of the net to be detestable with it being infested with racists and kids who just learned how to swear with numbers and symbols. I wish there was a way to build an internet community with maturity and mutual respect. Only way to do that is to remove the anonymity that I believe is essential to the net. *sigh*
  15. I've been on my own since I graduated at 18, of course with a little help from my parents along the way, but only when I really needed it.

    I'm in college and I hold a decent job too.
  16. Haha its a good thought but it would eventually be invaded by kiddies as well :(. They are probably so numerous because they are the only people that dont have to have a job or do anything all day.

    Then again, im only 19 so im a kiddy too. Oh well, fuck me.
  17. no im not older than 25 but i am older than 20
  18. Nope, 21. 22 in September. But I'm in college and hold a full-time internship.

    Even though there may be a lot of 'college kids' or 'teens' on here, we all seem to come together for the one plant we love. :smoking:

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