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are trichomes ever shiny or reflect light

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whiteboyy09, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. i broke open all my nugs and they have what looks like shiny trichomes but im afraid it might be glass. do trichs usually sparkle like that?
  2. They definitely do sparkle.

    Easy Way to test to see if it's glass :get a cd, rub the bud lightly against the disc, it will scratch it easily if it's glass.
  3. Yeah trichs are shiny, especially if you have a bright light near you
    Also, it seems like the inside of the nug would be safe from grit.
  4. im just paranoid because i bought from a sketchy guy. the last 2 sessions on my vape have made my throat tingle and burn
  5. If you're using a vape it wouldn't matter if it was glass anyways.

    The stuff could be dry, making it rough on the throat.

  6. You should be good man, it is probably just good bud with a lot of trichomes inside. The tingling happens pretty often when you get a big hit from a vape and it expands in your lungs.
  7. Always makes me cough. The vapor dries out your throat. Coughing right now from vaping in fact.

  8. Sure does, that is why the majority of the time I vape through glass to help with the irritation.
  9. i hope thats just it my throat felt weird though
  10. I do that sometimes but I got a portable vape, takes too long to hit the bong with it.

    Feels like I'm sucking forever. Puts into perspective what my gf goes through, if you know what I mean :p
  11. Does it look like gold flakes?
  12. Because you're high, paranoid, and worried something is wrong with your bud. All of that together can help play some tricks on the mind.
  13. Do the CD trick. That's worked for me before.

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