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Are tinctures worth the effort?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JayRRTokin, Feb 13, 2023.

  1. I tried to make a tincture years ago. I don't remember the recipe I followed, but I do remember the end product was very disappointing. It tasted awful, which would be fine if I only needed a few drops, but it was so mild I would have to drink an entire bottle to feel anything.

    I like getting high, but I'm trying to look out for my health and my lungs. I want to get away from combustion. I don't fully trust vapes.

    Can a tincture be potent?

    Or should I just go for making edibles? I really like the idea of having a small, discreet dropper bottle and taking a few sublingual doses, but not if it's going to be an extremely mild experience.

    If tinctures are worth it, could you point me to a good recipe? Thanks!
  2. Welcome, & OH HELL YEAH! you came to the right place. search tinctures. I hope nobody shortens your handle.
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  3. YES. Tinctures are worth it.,Here is my standard recipe.,
    1oz. decarbed bud crushed to rolling consistently ( decarb at 240°F for 40 min.).,bake it in your oven.,smells up the house.,Nice smell.,lol.,
    6 oz. of alcohol.,enough to completely cover the bud in it's jar.200proof is best.,190 is very good.,150 will do.,
    Mix together in a jar.,swish around for a minute then strain.,
    You should get 5oz.of tincture.,1oz of alcohol being absorbed by the bud.,
    At this point you can reduce the tincture to make it stronger.,or use as is depending on your needs.,At 5oz. it will have aprox 840mg per oz. of tincture.,you get aprox 40 squeezes of the dropper per oz. equaling 21mg.of THC per squeeze.,plus or minus of course,.
    Things to know.,
    You don't want to do tooo much, so start with small doses., 1 squeeze.,wait 20-30 minutes.,if you don't feel anything.,do 2 squeezes.,And so on.,Everybody is different.,I like 50mg.,she likes 20mg.,he likes 150mg.,Go easy at first.,find your dose.,
    1 gram of bud = aprox 150mg. of THC.,so your tincture has 4200mg in those 5oz.+ -.,
    Get some 1oz dropper bottles for dosing.,
    A friend I shared my stuff with just told me he did 2 squeezes and felt nothing.,The next day he did 4 squeezes and couldn't wipe the smile of his face.,My brother in law did 1 squeeze and was very happy.,Good luck.,keep us posted.,
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  4. Awesome! Thank you guys. I appreciate all the info.

    I'm going to take a deep dive into tincturing next time I have a good stock of flower on hand.

    Excited to see it's viable!
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  5. I used to make and use tinctures. I still do occasionally. But once I learned about hash capsules I made the switch to those. Much better use of trim and mids IMO.
    @BrassNwood … you’re up buddy!

  6. Decarb Bud 240 F for 40 minutes.

    Freezing both parts separately first limits chlorophyll transfer and the bitterness it causes.


    Combine and shake well.. 10 seconds is all I give it.


    1 inch is about all the potato ricer will press and I keep the pressed pucks and jar them for alcohol extraction later


    Return is 500ml of very potent tincture. Tincture is a Delta-9-THC stone exactly like inhalation. Fast to kick in a fast to wear off.
    For real staying power you need Oil. Kat's Hash oil is best but Bud dust can hold it's own well enough.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    These will change everything you thought you knew about Cannabis. :)


    An American Dream - White Picket Fences and Marijuana in the So Cal Sun
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  7. What your original recipe didn’t mention was that if you let some of the alcohol evaporate your tincture gets more concentrated/ stronger.
    Let half evaporate, twice as strong, reduce by two thirds, three times stronger.
    I think you should get the point by now, and my tincture is really kicking in, so no more math for now.
    Good luck and report back with your results.
    PS- experiment a gram at a time, and find the concentration that works for you. Than do the math and make larger batches
  8. I am tincture,lol . (The name)
    If you put your tinc in an atomizer sprayer,you can spray under tough with minimal burn.
    Spray on skin for pain relief .
    If you make your tinc in a high humidity area,it might take on moisture.
    Put tinc in alcohol drink for a green dragon. :love-m3j:

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