Are those actually pistils?

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    I'm asking myself if my feminised auto cream caramel is actually a female already not a hermie or so.

    Am I right? What about those 2 stems growing on their sides too?


    She is 21 days old, but trust me it's a lot smaller than the picture shows (lol)


    and a LOT smaller than that one too... my cam makes it kinda big :eek:
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    What you have circled are you plants stipules these are not an indication of sex.
  3. dammmn haha! We will see later than... what about the little stem at both sides that looks like a square?

    Also just to use the same thread, do you think it has developed really bad for an auto or even normal strain?

    It have 3 weeks (LOOOL!!)
  4. what is it, 2-3"? that seems really underdeveloped for a 3 week auto imo

  5. around that.

    Yeah I know :/ I could be two reasons:

    1. I was growing with shitty lights, went outdoor today
    2. Magnesium deficiency, added some epsom salts to the water (really small amout less than 1g/500ml)

    We will see in 1 week if it will develop better
  6. Dude, take the plastic wrap off your container. What's it's purpose? You're trapping moisture and suffocating the plant.

  7. could that in any way slow down growing? Removed already. I used it so the soil gets wet for more time but it didn't seemed to have worked... also so the soil doesn't fly away with dust

  8. soil doesn't need to stay wet... cannabis likes to dry out. Soak the dirt, then let it dry out completely before you soak it again. Drying out encourages the roots to stretch out and seek water, which in turn produces a larger/stronger plant. If you keep it moist all the time, the roots stay small and you don't see much growth.
  9. shit that's the reason it's slow not Mg Deficiency... I basically was watering it everyday b4 day 14 or so... now only watered like 3 times from day 14 to day 21... the soil is completely dry but the pot is HELL heavy.

    Also you mean I should soak it right now or now I just wait it dry out and then soak it?

    I applied some Epsom Salts (1g less/450ml). Will it fuck my plant?
  10. dry that dirt out

    I wouldn't worry too much about a little mineral, your watering is a far larger problem right now

    might be too late for that guy, I don't know much about fucking with auto's cycles :/

  11. alright I will care about watering...

    and it's a girl :)

    You mean fucking with light cycles right? as far as I know they don't need a light cycle to grow
  12. I meant more fucking with their life cycle, trying to delay flowering until that little lady (my bad!) can get a little more life in her

  13. hmm I understand... but I don't get the part you say "it may be to late for that guy" maybe because I don't speak english but anyway... do you mean I won't get shit from her or it's too late to fuck with her life cycle? sry haha

  14. I'm afraid if that tiny thing goes into flower (as it will want to in 1 week), it's either going to produce nothing, or maybe die trying :/

    Certainly not sexually mature yet, it's still a seedling.
  15. What are stipules and how can you tell the difference between them and signs of sex?
  16. man I mean it, if I can get 1 joint out of it that's fucking awesome to me... I only smoked shit... there is no good weed here... it's all brick shit... also will it really flower in 1 week? :O I thought the age depends on it's development not real-life days. Even if she dies it will be amazing to see the thricomes

    good one :d

  17. auto refers to an "automatic" life... that plant grows for ~30 days, flowers for ~30 days, and dies (ranges from strain to strain)

    as opposed to normal cannabis, which is a photoperiod plant. normal plants will grow as long as light is on for more than ~14 hrs in a 24hr cycle. Once that drops down closer to 12 on/12 off, the plant thinks winter is coming (shorter days), and she throws out her last hurrah (beautiful big flower buds) in hopes of becoming pollinated and her genes surviving to the next generation.

    ain't nature grand??
  18. no doubt it is... we will see if it's too late or not for it... maybe they sent a wrong strain hehe... now seriously, honestly, are there any chances it will work and get bigger? A lot of things can happen in 1 week... if I had a Mg problem it will be fixed, overwatering too. light fixed too. This means this week is the week!
  19. like I said, I don't know enough about autos, maybe somebody else can chime in

    I just know you need that saran wrap off and dry that girl out, see if that helps any
  20. if u mean take the plastic thing off I did it already, just waiting for it to dry out now... pretty sure it will have a major effect on it. I watered it today a little so it may take some days... I hope 3 days or so is enough to dry all the water

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