Are they Too close together??

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  1. Hey everybody, I have recently purchased some feminized Low Ryder 2 seeds for my first grow ever. I planted all 10 seeds except 2 into their own separate 5 gallon pots. The other 2 I have planted in the same 10 gallon pot and now I'm wondering if they are spaced to close to each other?? These particular 2 are 5 weeks and a few days old. Any feedback would be great

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  2. Your plants are very healthy - good job. Are you growing outdoors? The two plants look fine for now, but as they grow they will be competing for light, food, and root space.
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  3. Thanks man, I am surprised at how healthy they look considering I haven't done anything special to them. I just water and watch them grow. I don't really know what to feed them, I'm a newbie.. And yes they are being grown outdoors
  4. LR#2 very nice lol. They were my first plants as well!

    In general, you don't want to put more than 1 plant to a container because they could compete for nutes/light and one may end up doing good and the other not so good.

    Probably too late to separate them now though.
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  5. Plants look healthy now but in that small of container you are going to run into issues when they get bigger. I have no issues with multiply plants in one container but the size of the container matters..

    If possible i would go into a much larger container or the ground.
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  6. Can you guys tell me why the 2 little bottom leaves are turning a light green/yellowish color? Should I cut them off? Will they affect the rest of the plant in any way?
  7. If you are referring to the two first rounded non serrated leafs, those are the cotyledons.
    They serve their purpose then fall away. Perfectly natural.
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  8. Yes. You shouldn't put more than one plant per container. Once the root systems begin to get larger, you're going to run into constant work on that plant. You can still separate them, just put them each in their own container. Don't know how long you've had them going like that, but I would separate them right now. Their root systems are probably already entangled because once you give them a good soil to take off in, they do. But these suckers are weeds and you can be a lot more aggressive with them than most people think. They look real healthy and it might shock them for a day or two, but they'll bounce right back. Best of luck with your grow. TWW

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