Are they thusty?

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  1. When a plants leaves hang down, does that mean they are thursty? Or what does that mean exactly?
  2. If you give it water and it perks right back up, it was thirsty. Maybe it has a sad. Pictures speak a thousand words.
  3. Ah, i want pictures but my digital camera isn't working at the moment.

    Only a couple of them are drooped, and are 1-2 inches away from the CFLs.
  4. How does the soil look? Stick your finger in there and see if it's dry.
  5. sometimes it means they are hungry for some nutes.

    othe rtimes they are thirsty

    Sometimes they just have a sad.
  6. ah, i got you. I don't know when to start giving them nutes, they've only been under the CFLs for about 24 hours. But they're about 2 weeks old.
  7. Just give them some time.
  8. Sounds good. Whens a good time to start with nutes? I'm defintelynot gonna overdo it, because they're going outside laterish, but i want to know what to give them. I'm trying to stay organic.
  9. I am picturing drooping cotyledons.

    You should have mention it was a seedling in the beginning, she'll be fine.
  10. Starve and drown. When the pots feal "lite" when you pick them up drown them till you see runoff. Rinse and repeat. That makes your root system bigger and your plant bigger.

    Learn the feel, forget the "stick your finger in it" thing. After you water your plants (fan leaves) will droop for about 3 or 4 hours and then reach for the light. ;)

  11. Thats some of the best advice i've gotten on this site. I watered them a good cup and a half (they have moderately small pots,) and got runoff from all my plants. I haven't watered them since sunday. I'm worried about overwatering because i lost a batch of plants to that last time. But thanks, rep +
  12. use 1/4 strength fish emulsion at 3-4 weeks.

    this is the best way because u will never over water your plants:D:smoke::smoke:
  13. What is a sad
  14. [​IMG]

  15. Man,i just shot Dr. Pepper out my nose because of that pic.:laughing:
  16. [​IMG]

    I see we have the same taste in websites. Cheezburger Network FTW!

  17. Thank you for compairing my plants to pictures of cats :D
  18. umm,, mine was a dog, more specifically a puppy. :p

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