Are they ripe??

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by birdy, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. High Boyz and Girlz,
    Here are two of my girlies, after 5 weeks of 12/12 what do you think: time to harvest? or keep it another week?


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  2. And this one ?

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  3. harvest them girls.
    but if you are going to sell it wait 1 week or 2
  4. YUMMMMMM! i'm droolin!!:smoking:
  5. i say you harvest the female in the first picture but wait another week or two with the second picture.
  6. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would give them baby's a little longer ''2 Weeks''.

    Have you used any booster on it yet?
    Or have you pulled it down yet?

    See Yaa
  7. Well,
    I harvested the older sister as she seemed to be getting too many brown hairs.
    Here are the pictures of the Haircut (No dandruff pure sinse) .
    I harvested 35 grams of fresh buds on this little girl.
    But her younger sister seems to be waaaaay bigger.
    I will have to wait another week, she's right now just exploding.
    No booster, just pure water with a squirt of vanilla...

    Peace to ya'all,


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  8. Nice one mate!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep me upto date with how you are getting on. and show some more pictures of the hole baby.... pictures. pictures. pictures.

    See Yaa
  9. She's sooo pretty! I wanna start growing myself but i dont think i have the time for it! Have u been doing it long or id thid your 1st attempt?

    Once again.... She is Sooooo pretty!! I want sum, yum yum yum! xx

  10. Hello!!!

    This is not my first time and not my last. i enjoy it to much and always on the look for info and more pictures and I find it amasing when you speak to somone and they show you pictures ...... Its just f*cking wicked learning new stuff and meating new people from al over the place. Anyway time to go and do some work.

    Have a good one speak to you later!!!!
  11. Very nice birdy, the one you harvested had nice dark orange hairs, looks nice, hope the other one gets you bigger buds.

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