Are They Rescheduling Marijuana?

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  1. What exactly does this mean for marijuana? Are they dropping it down to a Schedule 2 substance?
    At the end of this document, the court admits that it should not be a Schedule 1 but is there any action behind this ruling? Or is it just a suggestion? What's going on here?


  2. Yes, I would like to know as well!
  3. I see them reducing it to a Schedule 3 "Drug". Once it is recreational nationally and more research is done to prove that it is a non-lethal or addictive drug they will probably make it a non-scheduled drug like Alcohol & Cigarettes.
  4. I hate to disappoint you, but that Marijuana Rescheduling Petition is from back in September, 1988. Judge Young made an outstanding ruling, it's been used by activists including myself when I was doing it with good effect in changing public perceptions, but if the government itself hasn't acted on it since 1988 I doubt that document will move them much tomorrow either.
    It's worth reading though, and using. It could be rescheduled today if Obama just wanted to, I can't remember the particular law code offhand but the Attorney General has the power to reschedule without the consent or Congress and that according to the law Congress themselves wrote. Why they don't do that, either through the AG or Congress, I have no idea.
  5. They will make it schedule 2. The when that happens it will be owned my big pharmacies. Remember they already have the patients on it.
    Drug war continues nothing changes.
    You know many people that have scripts for blow. Yeah me neither.
    This is a very real outcome that people should pay attention to.
    As I see it, there is no reason why the pharmaceutical/biotech cartel will not push hard to have the constituents of cannabis regulated and controlled through the FTC/FDA just like they do for supplements and drugs.
    An example of 'red flag' illustrating this is when you have research studies on specific cannabinoids. Science is great and I love it. However when you read articles on etc you will notice it focuses heavily on "cannabinoids" rather than cannabis.
    Look at the craze over CBD.
    What these biotech and pharmaceutical companies (now intermingled...) do is synthesize a patentable extraction using isolated compounds. This is in start contrast to simply telling people about the merits of whole plants... with various herbs we see this. Compounds like berberine are extracted from goldenseal and silymarin from milk thistle to make a patented product.
    The next big move will be companies looking to protect their vested interests that focus on doing patents. Which means they will put muscle on the media channels to over-emphasize the miracles of "pharma grade" extractions and isolated compounds while vilifying whole-plant cannabis.
    And the media will try its best to portray cannabis-advocates as dirty, lazy stoners.
    Rescheduling to sched 2 also triggers activation of Prairie Plant Bill (extractions sold nationwide @ CVS from cannabis supplied by Canadian profiteers, scripts written by docs, pushing dispensaries and caregivers out of market...) are activated. The bill already passed, and will immediately be triggered upon rescheduling.
    I consider it very important for people to keep their eyes on matters like this. Many are so enamored by the thought of "legalization" that they are failing to see the many ways that legalization can be implemented in a way that shackles citizens by prohibitionist laws. The BigPharma companies for instance will spend billions to reduce the amount of people self-medicating at home, with locally grown cannabis rather than buying their CBD pills at the store. Such motives are being constantly enforced through regulatory legislation and its happening every day.
    A dangerous reality and one that people should prepare for. Or at least be aware of.
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    what 00hassel wrote reminds me of them making marrywannee illegal in the nineteen thirtys while the farmers had no idea they were really making Hemp illegal until it was illegal and they were instant criminals. now it will be legal but still unavailable and some pie in the sky money maker for big controlling businesses that synthesize it taking over all legal rights from everyone else who can benefit from it unless you pay the big business lots of money for their synthesized version far removed from the real thing.

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