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  1. First timer...Need help are they ready for harvesting?
  2. Damn, I must be stuuuuuuuuupid or something? How do I add the pic's I took today?

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  3. Outdoor Grown

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  4. How can I add all the pictures together?

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  5. well my best answer to ur ? would be what kinda climate are you in? is it getting cold with the possiblity of frost? if so then now whould be the best time to pick them.. if ur in a warm climate i would give them prolly another 2 weeks or so..
  6. i say pic them now

  7. Good answer!!

    I say chop 'em now. The purple stems mean they are gettingtoo cold now already.
  8. Thanks for your help....Today, I harvested all my plants..5 total..Now, the curing process...Any tips of the trade?
  9. When deciding when a plant is redy to harvest you should look at the tricomes with a 60X-100X magnifier. The tips of the tricromes, when the plant is at maximum THC content will turn from clear to cloudy. When the tricomes pass the cloudy period and start adding colour, then is it too late and the THC content will decrease giving a "couch lock"/indica high. When harvested too early the high will be more energetic/sativa high.

    This is the most accurate way to tell when a plant has reached harvest time, although you can also go by the general rule that the resinous (usurally red) hairs should be starting to curl and die, with about 60 - 70% of the hairs in this state.

    After properlly dried to cure simply place into a glass air tight jar and open once to twice a day for a period of about 15 mins. After about 3 months of doing this you have have some excellent smoke.

    Hope I could help, and remember these are just my opinions, they work for me, but every grow/grower is differnt and have to make the best decesions on the cirumstances in their grows.

    Take er easy. :)

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