Are they ready??

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  1. Would like some feed back about trics as this is my first go. Bag skunk, vegged 7 weeks and flowered for 4 now. The girls started yellowing the fan leaves from the bottom up about 3 days ago. I began the flushing process 3 days ago on several and defoliated. Here are a few pix of plants and best shot of trics. Any input is welcome!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Nowhere near ready. Four weeks flowering is
    completely inadequate. You have at least three
    to up to five weeks left. If you harvest now, your
    buds will be airy as fuck.

    Your patience will be rewarded.
  3. Thanks blix should I put back on nute feeding then for another few weeks? Looks like about 15% of the trics were starting to amber. I thought you flush for the last few weeks? Was think of harvesting end of this month. The guy I got the seeds from grows 90 cycles this would put me 2 weeks beyond

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