Are they ready to harvest (pics included)

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Are they ready ?

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  2. Look for this ....?

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  1. They are 2 month old autos west coast og Crystal meth and pineapple express please help!

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  2. imho top two looks overkilled chop em now.. the last one isnt clear to say but looks like it has some tyle

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  3. Will they still be good ?
    Also some hairs haven't turned amber and the lifespan says 3 months but I agree a couple look ready to go I just don't want to chop them to early
  4. These might be better pics

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  5. Looks great - and yes I'd say anytime now is just fine, maybe even *slightly* past due but certainly not too far past to hurt anything. Yes, they'll be just fine and are probably at their best tasting/aroma right now.

    I'd get them down now or over the weekend.

  6. if t says 3 then no way its less than 2 i take my words back. relooking now i think pistils dried maybe of heat? check trichomes to be sure anyway

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  7. They look very frost but I'm not sure what to look for in trichomes ?? Also there are little pod looking things underneath the bigger buds like more bud is going to blossom..the pods are almost like a flower that's about to bloom
  8. might be ball sacks.. i mean male flowers ;)
    pics are better.
    get a 60x magnifying glass and check growweedeasy for recognizig ripeness

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  9. Chop em all down
  10. They're all female and I checked the trichomes for amber color only one was ready the rest are still clear so any time now the rest should be ready I'll check back next week thanks for the tips I appreciate it !
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