Are they ready to be transplanted outdoors?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Yomanjujit, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. are theses plants ready for the outside world ? Or should I wait ? Thanks

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  2. They look little young yet. But it's up to you.
    You need to take into consideration the elements outdoors in your location.
    Too hot - they'll wither.
    Too windy - not hefty enough to withstand.
    Cold evenings - stunted growth
  3. It's in the 80 outside usally all day and night not to much wind, how much longer should I keep them inside do you think?
  4. They look droopy And undersized to put outdoors but do need a transplant. make sure the runoff ph is in the right range.

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  5. They are ready for outdoors. Do not put them outside in the solo cups, i hope you are transplanting.

    If youre going into the ground make sure they get water and dont see signs of heat stress.

    If your going into pots/containers keep them in shade for about a week. After a week move them into more direct sunlight.

    I go from solo cup right into the ground in direct sun light.
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  6. They are hempy bucket style solo cups so I think the ph is good they always get new water and never just sit around flooded, also it impossible to over water hehe
  7. I dunno I'd Veg those more .they don't look like they are on 100% track. keep us posted GFP

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  8. Yea I'm m going to make a plot for them to transplant in the ground, any advice on how , I was thinking just make a hole and flood it with water until the ground absorbs it then trasplant in that hole what do you guys think?
  9. I appreciate the advice i will strongly consider it, any first hand experience ghost ?
  10. T
    transplanting outdoors I mean
  11. Yeah. I've done it a few times and only had bad results once. It was when I put a healthy looking but undersized plant directly from docile florescent to the great outdoors. After that fun I learned to Veg them in bigger pots indoors letting them get big and strong and then when transplanting let the pot dry out a little as this makes the soil kinda cake together better and makes it lighter and easy to slide out of the pot, while transplanting BE CAREFUL not to rip those roots out or damage them during transport. the hole should be pretty dug and filled with proper soil for cannabis . After this keep an eye on her and do post pics. GFP

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  12. Makes a lot of sence I will let them veg a week or more, should I keep them verging in the solo would it hurt/stunt them?
  13. no transplant to some thing bigger and grow it as if it were going to be a mother plant ...then be careful during the 3rd transplant.outdoors....right now go to a bigger pot with real drainage. GFP

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  14. Harden them off before transplanting outside.

    Where are you? I'm in southern California. My plant is just starting flower. So point is you will have to supplement light or your plants will go straight to flower. Unless you are farther north. Days are longer the farther north you get. Closer to the equator you get, the less fluctuations you get in daylight hours seasonally. The hours of day vs night is what makes the flowers happen. On the opposite side of the equator seasons are flipped 180° from me. So it's almost time to start outdoor in Australia. Northern hemisphere it's just starting flower and harvest will be in September through October depending on variety and strain.
  15. Hmm I don't think my Mars light could cover all these plants in a 1 gallon container , btw my mix is 40% perlite ,40% vermiculite ,20% high quality dirt

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