Are they ready for harvest? How far off are they from being ripe?

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  1. Hello guys, Im new to grasscity forum so hi to all- This is my first grow under LED 600 watts ViparSpectar using Farm Fox Soil and Nutrients. 8 week flowering and wondering what you guys think regarding ripeness and comments etc. Will upload the whole cycle soon. Cheers

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  2. Looking Very Pretty!
    You will need a 30x-60x loupe (Amazon..$8-15) and look at the trichomes..
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  3. I must echo TeeJay and Buzzy. Get a loupe. I personally use my cell phone. I'll post a pic of a bud closeup that i took this morning. Notice the trichomes. Im starting to get quite a bit of amber. But mostly on the sugar leaves. In the actual bud, clear and cloudy. So look at the bud not the leaves. Also when asking for advice on your plant and give pics, please take them under natural light. You will get more responses. So try to take a close-up of the bud under natural lighting. [​IMG]

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  4. Wow, great attention and prompt replies guys! Will follow up with your recommendations and get a loupe ASAP. I will keep you updated with the grow.

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  5. That is a very beautiful shot and will follow up on your advice of the natural light when asking for advice on the forum. Thanks mate!
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