Are they getting ready to flower?????

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  1. Well I went out to water my plant this evening and I noticed some changes gong on. I need to go out and check my plot plant too. Please give me your input. They are all female plants and are about 13 1/2 weeks old.


    These plant have a lot of this all over them.


    Here is a couple different plants doing the same thing and here is the last plant that is located close to my house.

    Aug0269.jpg :D
    There are several small white hairs what looks like small leaves and white hairs inside he leaves that are opening.

    I would ask my brother but he is gone out of the country. So when he gets back I will ask him too, but I thought if I could get good enough pic that someone in here would tell and let me know. That would be sweet if they are flowering. In just a few more weeks I will be able to harvest them. What is the maximum age a mj plant can get to before it begins to die off. I know if you have males it will be just a few weeks after the male plant dies, but what if your females never had a male. How long can they live? Thanks for all your help.

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  2. Well... i cant see anything from your picts. But if your seeing white hairs then its definately starting to flower, and theyre definately female. Your biggest concern would be hermaphrodites. Find some picts online of male flowers and check over your plants to make sure they dont have any males parts on them anywhere.

    Good luck and good growing :)
  3. Yep females :)
  4. damn 13 1/2 weeks?? thats one long ass veg period, i would go nuts at week 6 :)
  5. reminds me of my plant....except it went male for sure this time and after putting so much time into it :( from aprill till 2 days ago.....i had to rip it least i can make hash out of its leaves and shit
  6. man 13 weeks? i never heard of such a long perid till u see if it has white hairs.. fuck i would go
  7. wait do u know what strain it is? because i know that Nevills haze (i think its almost pure sativa or might have a lil bbit of indica) takes abouttttt 12-14 weeks to flower
  8. The strain is stavia. It was sexed at about 8 weeks old. These little white hairs are all over it and today I went out and they have at least doubled with hairs. So I think that it is beginning to flower. I haven't had any problems letting them veg. I still have 30 ounces to smoke from my harvest last year that i assisted in growing. This is a different strain than we grew last year and my brother is out of town so I couldn't ask him. So the next maters of growing is this forum. Sorry the pics are not that good. I took like 35 of them and really those were the best. Can't get to close its gets blurry. To far away you can't see shit. Thanks for helping me decide.
  9. I don't know if your digital camera has this but u should be able to make it focus on what you want... just instead of pressing down on the button like you were taking a picture just push it down lightly and it should focus and itf it looks good then u just press all the way down and take the pic.
  10. okay doober I will try that right now and see if I can get better pictures
  11. Did it work?
  12. Sorry can't get them to turn out any better than the ones I have posted. I have a friend that had a better camera than the one I was using. SO I will try to use that one to see if it has auto focus on it.
  13. i find that when trying to take pictures it will more oftenly try and focus on whats behind the object ur trying to get te shot put just a white piece of paper behind the area ur trying to take a picture and dont let the actual backround show. so that jsut the platn and the paper is showing and try to zoom in at different magnifications untill it does so......
  14. ed I have posted a new thread with 3 new pics. I hope they are better. I see what i am asking about. Somewhat. So I pray it will work. If not I will wait for the to further develop before taking more.

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