Are they done yet ?

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  1. I've been now in flower for 53 days now. They are gorrilla glue#4 I use my scope and see some amber but mostly on surger leaves. It says to flower for 8-9 weeks. I'm looking for a body and head high. Like a mix. Just not sure when to harvest or anything else for that matter. Here's a few pics the best i can get. Any input would be great.

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  2. Not done. Wait until you have a mix of amber and cloudy trichomes for what you’re looking for. Yours are still clear.
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  3. Thank you and I will be waiting. Any idea how much longer. Some sugar leaves have amber to them already.
  4. Hmm not sure how much longer. Probably more than a week. The leaves aren’t what you need to be watching it’s the grainy shiny things that you can’t see with the naked eye that need to change color
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  5. Seconded.
    I'd say the timing they've provided is pretty decent, and I think you could use that as pretty much a guide for either "end" of your ideal could maybe go a *little* further but you'd want to watch them.
    It's tempting isn't it?
    Everything looks great, smells just wanna massacre the fuckers...but your future self will thank you if you hold on for a bit, you're still gonna see some more stuff happen. ;)
    Show us some pics when you're all done.
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  6. Thanks for the inpu . And I will wait for sure. And I will put some pictures up right before the cho .
  7. Thank you for your help and advice. I'll be looking at the buds from now on

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