are they done... pics!

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  1. Dude your plants look like they need about another few weeks or so. There's barely any trichs on the leaves, there are a lot of white pistils, and the buds are still pretty small. If you want quality marijuana you're going to have to wait a little longer than you estimated. Also what are you feeding them, they look over fertilized?

    Here's a link bro:
  2. Edit: yeah what ak infinity said.. he/she seems to be a bit quicker then I

    I'd give them a litle longer. Looks like there is still a lot of life in her, and that time could be put to fuller denser, and more trichome covered buds.

    I'm in the same boat as you with the good shit waiting for the others to finish LOL. I harvested early once, and it was a big mistake after seeing what the same strain produced just a week longer. I have white widow, northern lights, hashberry, cinderlla blues (c99 x blueberry) veggin and waiting on my bag seed, and freebie durban posion to finish LOL
  3. "my two ladies 6 or 7 weeks" this is only half of all growing time... they are kids, u can't kill them yet!
  4. i know i know. you cant tell how much your gettung utill its dry but any ideas on what i might be able to yield?
  5. no idea. your second plant is prettyy big. they are looking a bit too yellow though. but yeah you should let those buds get nice and fat and overtake all those hairs. hehe.
  6. really. i thought they looked kinda small. i was told i might get and ounce total from both plants. but i dunno. there reallly busy.
  7. what can i do to help plant number 2?
  8. I say you'll yield better then what your friend thought.. I say you have another 2-3 weeks to go.. Count all those shoots you got there.. Those main buds have to at least be 2 grammers when done.. Add it up, and it close to an ounce a plant.. I'd say you'll at least get a half from plant 1, and an ounce from 2.. Just a guestamate really.. Hard to tell without squeezing them a bit to see how dense they are.. you still have time though they'll fatten up quite a bit at the end.

    If you can explain what you've been using to water, and nutes etc. we may be able to help more with plant two. But from the looks of it you need to hold off on nutes for a while, and make sure your ph is good both soil and water going in. If your using tap water you couls have some hard water, and that's never good. Next time they need a watering run some clean store bought reverse osmosis water (if you don't already have good water on hand) through the dirt, and out the bottom to get some of the salt build-up and crap out of your dirt. After she dries out from that good watering take another picture, and we'll see where your at, and if more nutes are needed or just more of a flush
  9. well one of the top colas on plant 1 borke and it was an 8th dried. and they are all about that size.
  10. and for ferts i use 15-30-15 every other week. and i givem a gallon of distilled water every week. how much bigger with they get?
  11. well, your plants probably won't get any bigger, but the buds still have quite a bit of room to fatten up.
  12. There are two ways to determine if they are ready
    (1) look at the trichs under a microscope
    (2) break off a little piece, dry it for 24 hours, and smoke her up.
    If you like the high chop her down. It looks like you have a little longer to grow though. I estimate an ounce for both plants maybe a tad bit more. Good luck and enjoy.

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