Are these turning or turned Hermaphrodite?

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  1. This would be a Cherry Berry, Purple Paralyzer, short bus and Cheese Quake that are ready to be chopped down tomorrow for a couple and a day or two later for the remaining. I may just take the tops and let the bottoms finish out a bit. I can't see them being bothered this late in the game?

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  2. Here is a comparison, not to shabby for my 2nd harvest. 1st harvest was a few weeks back and was not nearly this size in buds. I found lighting issues and ph problems were to blame on my part. Still tweaking things. Started using all fox farm products. The first crops and these current ones finishing were with miracle grow and cheap potting soil.

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  3. Since switching rooms isn't an option I'd locate all the hermaphroditic flowers, chop em off(maybe try rooting into clones or whatever if you have space for experiment) and toss em. Get yourself like a 2 gallon or whatever pressurized spray container(mix in a few drops of biodegradable soap for a wetting agent) and wash the plants clean of any residual pollen. I would do it in the bathtub but cover the plant with a garbage bag during transport to prevent further pollen contamination. Wash your walls, floor, fan blades, fucking everything. The last thing you want is to half ass the cleaning and be stressed about whether you got it all or not(probably inevitable anyways). Then you can move your vegged plants into the flower room. I'd start my next grow w/ a timeline that would allow for second cleaning if necessary. This seems the most logical to me. Good luck bro

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  4. Uggg you gave me the news I feared and I will start in the am. Maybe I will get lucky and can contain it to just this grow? The finish room needed a good cleaning anyhow so I will just hang onto that? Will update tomorrow after having a few drinks tonight to forget it. Them three whores can have one last sleepover!

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