Are these the right lights?

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  1. I got 4 natural daylight 5000 k CFLs. Is this enough to just put my babies under at night? They'll be outside soaking up the sun during the day

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  2. It'll be 5 to 10 little seedlings growing under them so I know I don't have quite enough light but like I said its just for at night
  3. 5000k to 6500k are good for vegging, you're good. Might want more when they get older, but for seedlings you'll probably be good for a week or so.
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    All you're doing is providing supplemental light to extend the daylight period and prevent your little ones from initiating flowering. If they're receiving around 6 hrs or more of sunlight during the day, and plan on moving 'em outdoors in Apr or May anyway you got nothing to be concerned about. Those CFLs are only preventing blooming too early. And very little light in the morning and evening is req'd to achieve this. 24 hrs of light are not needed. Anything over 16 hrs of even low light levels will avoid flowering.

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