Are these smoking tools harmfull?

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  1. I don't have the money at the moment to buy a bong or a bowl, as my other ones broke. So I've been using an aluminium can bent with pin holes, and the aluminum is burnt, so im inhaling aluminium? :(

    also, i made a water bottle bong, and for the bowl i used copper wire to keep the weed from falling down the pen. and i looked at the wire down there and its all burnt! so im inhaling copper?

    should i stop smoking out of these? im only 18 i dont want to have lung cancer from inhaling aluminum and copper.. :(
  2. yes, get a pack of rolling papers and smoke joints. or if you're really 18, buy a glass pipe from your local head shop.
  3. nah man i feel like papers waste weed. ^
  4. well seeing as how your toking out of bottles and cans i dont think that you are smokin papers are fine for the mid-economist. sry if that sounds weird i just hit erl
  5. well seeing as how your toking out of bottles and cans i dont think that you are smokin papers are fine for the mid-economist. sry if that sounds weird i just hit erl. yes cans and bottles are bad for you esp. the copper shit. i guess its either "waste" with papers or develope alzheimers.haha
  6. lol. someones high. ^
  7. You can buy a bowl for like $2. Money is not an issue. Fuck cans
  8. Take the cans that you make pieces out of and return them for 5 bucks and then go to your LHS and buy a chillum.

  9. shit.. i dont want alzheimers..
    what about smoking out of a wood bowl? like inhaling wood if it happens to burn?
  10. and guys its not like im poor lol, i just dont like spending money on stuff i could make at home :ey:

  11. cmon buddy, just get a glass pipe. it will serve you well.
  12. yea wood is fine once it gets chared and seasoned. but glass is always tride and true
  13. Don't listen to these guys man, I've been smokin out of a V8 can for 2yrs, before that ensure cans, but these little V8s are the best one hitters. After smoking an oz or more, scrape,rattel and tap the burnt/unburnt out the can and you got 50% better pot. Put a bud or two in the can and look out, whatever the potentcy was it's 50% better, real heavy, great for before bed.

    I havn't died from alumium poisoning, i think i'd get hit by lightning first. Also when you get desperate, get some tinsnips and cut the can in half, low heat on stove and scrape the oil, this gets ranchy but still good, drink your v8 and make another pipe, it's called 'The Can Man' Supercharger.
  14. G L A S S. i honestly dont know if smoking out of metals good... but it does taste like shit!! buy glass' make a waterfall bong or something... with glass!!
  15. Yea I know I would listen to tinsnips guy above me. Lol ha terrible advice
  16. Make a homemade vaporizer out a of an light bulb or make a bowl out of a water bottle and tin foil.
  17. try scraping glass, they also get hot, and no, the dope tastes like it should, dope.
    no shit gets in your mouth either, nor does it get hot.

    the buds in 'the can man' are to be experienced, like i'm smokin about 12% thc weed right now and when those buds come out, it's ringer time, 3/4 times better.
  18. Don't have money for a pipe? Wtf?

    You can get a cheap glass piece for 10-15 bucks. If you don't have that kind of money then why are you smoking weed? :smoke:
  19. The copper is actually fine... aluminum, not so much
  20. Stop being soo cheap, even if it isn't a big risk I would rather spend ten bucks to be healthy than be a cheap ass that wouldn't spend 10 bucks. If you honestly can't afford a pipe I'd stop smoking and spend my money on better things. A pipe is the price of a gram or two depending on quality so take a break for a couple days and use that money for a pipe.

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