are these shrooms real

Discussion in 'General' started by theone111, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. a friend of mine told me that they were beat. he said there wasn't enough bruising but he thought mescaline was an opiate so i decided to get a second opinion.

  2. i should also mention that it smells like shrooms ive done before.
  3. Ive only fucked with shrooms once, but those look like they could be detrimental to your health.
  4. hmm I have no clue man

    wheres homey kingpins when you need him? lol
  5. try shroomery .. those guys will tell you whatsup:rolleyes:
  6. in fact i did just that before you posted! thanks though

    most the guys there tend to think its legit
  7. well then eat a small piece .... wait 12 hours ... if you didnt get sick or anything then eat more .. and if you had a little trip from the bigger piece you ate ... then ... eat the whole tihng :rolleyes:
  8. They don't look like the best shrooms, but they seem okay to me, is that all you have? If so sell that shit, it won't even get you messed up.

    Damn I haven't done boomers since like July :( - No dealin talk -Bliz
  9. If they smell like shrooms I say go for it. Smell and taste go hand in hand.

  10. why do you think that? it weighs 4 grams. i think its just crushed from being stuffed into a bag.
  11. idn. but one isnt enough. try it. most of the time if dryed if its poisonous i doubt it will hurt u. btw what the fuck was mescaline brought up for? has nothing to do with shrooms
  12. If you aren't sure, I wouldn't take the risk.
  13. All shrooms smell the same to me ... dunno. But anyways, if you aren't sure then just make some tea with it instead of just eating it. You should try squeezing on the stem and seeing if it bruises blue any.
  14. those are definitely hallucinogenic mushshrooms, as to how potent they are, i couldnt tell ya
  15. Those are legit shrooms. Eat up... let the fun begin.
  16. those look like some nasty ass fucked up shrooms.... you need to find a new connection man
  17. nice. thanks for the help guys. much appreciated. im eating them with a first time tripper so im just gonna eat half an eighth with her. figure that should get a strong body high going for both of us. my first time i ate half an eighth and it was a great intro to the world of psychedelics

    they don't really look much better than any other shrooms i've seen. just smooshed up.

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