Are these rough times producing rough people

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  1. In your opinion, do you think that the recent economic "recession" (speaking to Americans) has any effect on the behavior of people (in a negative sense).

    Also please make this weed related (buying weed, more people being ripped off or not) things like that. Lets make a discussion.

    I personally think it has. Ive seen way to many people getting busted and way to many things getting stolen these past 5 months
  2. I really don't see any connection to weed around were i am.... i just see people all stressed out and everything, causing bad vibes and such
  3. I don't think anyone can make a well informed estimate regarding how a recession will affect the marijuana market considering that there is practically no data to evaluate. You could hypothesize based on cigarette and alcohol sales, but again, without accurate data on the market, it's hard to say how closely the markets are related to determine whether they're accurate gauges or not.
  4. It hasnt been bad around here but america has been fuckin up the last couple years. More like since bush has been pres.
  5. Not much around here, besides my friend telling me his dude prices were on the rise
  6. well i know most americans pay way more for bud thats cuz it illegal here , but also the price of everything will go up as everything needs fuel and fuel now cost more. i blame bush bring back cliton he was the man and got his pimp on we were at peace and at an economic high with the dude i blame bush and god for the rest fuck them
  7. im not entirely sure it has any effect since the MJ market is entirely un regulated....the only thing that effects it is supply and demand and it so easy to mass supply that it definatly equals the demand keeping prices at a constant going price range/business ethics of the dealers
  8. The weed market hasnt changed since the beginning of the recession.

    Only thing thats changed and for the worse, plus im in Michigan, Business.. Ive seen numerous strip malls filled with major stores, and major grocers closing locations everywhere. People are spending less money and the rising costs of mostly everything doesnt help, the war is burning billions and before its over trillions. But maybe im a little pessimistic. It'll bounce back eventually.
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    the best thing for america right now is obama .
    we need a serious change.
    plus McCain took a compatibility test with Bush, and they had 96% of the same answers marked. how scary is that shit
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    Uhm, I think most definitely it makes a difference, look at any country in a worse situation and see what people turn to. When comfort is threatened or taken away people go to extreme meausres.
  11. haven't seen much of the recession here in the midwest.

    people get pissed when they see how much milk and gas costs.
    that lasts for just brief periods of time before and after paying.

    but other than that, not really.

    Yeah, weed prices have been on the rise.

    but then again, I just switched guys and its now a 30 for a 25 where I live (of some pretty good stuff).
  12. i want proof of this pls
  13. I dont think there really is a rough time, because lets face it our worst depresion could possibly be better than an average day in africa.

  14. Imagination my friend. What do you mean the data isn't accurate. What data might you be speaking of. You don't need to go and create all of this information that you think you need. It's all right there. There would be no reason to look at alcohol sales and cigarettes because weed is not distributed by huge companies but rather just loving and caring people.:hello:

    If I could sum up what I really wanted to say it would be the data isn't necessary. Why look for all the numbers and percentages when your living it. If this so called recession is happening then just take a look at yourself and see how you react. Personally I don't give a flying fuck. Nor do I have house loans to pay, kids to watch, a wife to love and take care for, and a job I am forced to go to. So that may be why I don't care.

  15. I agree

    Gas prices have contributed a lot to the recession which can effect how you get your MJ but it's really made it clear how dependent we rely on it as a resource and how we take driving for granted. There's no doubt that a lack of income is related to a lack of positive vibes but we've seen much worse, and the election isn't too far away.
  16. fuck no.

    there will always be people either desperate or just losers who steal.

    there are more pussies in this society then ever.

    its hard to find someone worth calling a man these days.

    people are so left these days that its almost impossible to see anyone with real balls to stand up for themselves anymore.
  17. As a general rule, where poverty meets desperation, crime is high.
  18. the only way i see the effect is that its been real hard for a pothead to get a job lately cus unemployment was at all time highs so i cant get as much anymore-and the unemployment could also lead people to other means of income(crime):confused:

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