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  1. Not sure what strain this is, I'm almost thinking yeager. Anyway, anyone know if this is ready to harvest. I have a 30x loupe and some of the trichs are amber but only if they are on the surface near the top, others look like a mix of cloudy and clear so it's throwing me off. First time growing outdoor.
    Feedback would be dope!

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  2. Close but not yet
  3. How much time do you think? Judging by the outside look I was thinking another 3-4 days..?
  4. Dang 11 really? If you don't mind sharing, what signs make you say that?
  5. Still has white pistils maybe. Based on what I've read it looks dang close. I'm eager to chop mine too, I have a bit of amber but lots of white pistils.

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