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  1. Hey everyone, this is bout my 4TH month growing. Are these ready to be harvested yet? There are still a few pistils on the lower buds however all of the buds have amber color hairs along with pistils. The plants smell good and are very sticky. Should i harvest? Any suggestions or questions are accepted. Thank you.

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  2. I would say anytime now it depends on what kind of high u want
  3. Well i want a quality high since ive been growing so long. However i want to harvest there anyway i could try a bjd without it doing harm to the plant? If so, how?
  4. Yes they are ready to harvest, notice how about 50% of the hairs are red... that's a good notification that they are good to go... just make sure they are properly purged and your ready to harvest. .... nice looking plants keep up the good work
    - lotoplotz
  5. Good news!! Whats the easiest fast way to harvest. N will the white pistils stay on there or shud i cut the remaining off when i harvest?
  6. I believe you can keep that shit going until all the white pistols are gone bro, keep em going as long as theyll go amigo,wait till they yellow up more!
  7. In an emergency situation I would harvest those. But, if you can wait till at least 80% of the hairs have turned you'll have more weight, and personal preference, but I prefer smoke when most of the trichomes have ambered.
  8. Go to radio shack and buy a 30X-100X scope man, check the trichs, its easier than you think
  9. first pic is a big nono. but yea, like the other guy said, depends on what kind of effect you want. you can easily do this by looking at the pistils.. but, id say let it grow for a week or 2. i'd say, dont wait for it to go back into the calyx and harvest it when MOST pistils are brown. but thats me, and i like head high. anyways. dont forget to test smoke before you harvest, just chop a bud off, and use a quick dry technique, then test smoke. if you like the effect, chopa chop chop.

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