Are these ready to go to flowering stage yet?

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  1. Ok in this post I was told in a post that with my setup I should flower at 8-10 inches. I thought the plants have to bush out a bit before you send them into flower though. These ones are mostly Sativa, so perhaps that has something to do with it?
    This first picture is of all three of the white ladies. The one in the middle is 8 inches, and the two on the sides are 7. The second picture is of the top of the 8 inch plant. So my question. Are these ready to send into flower?


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  3. man those plantes need to be repotted buddy they are stretching alot they only have one good node and the other looks like its just starting looked kinda at them not a good look though but heres what ya need to do get a 5 gallon bucket or a big pot stick those things at the bottom or in the middle and fill the dirt around the stem its way stretched and if u went into flowering and they tried to make buds it would just probably tear right off and fall to the ground and only like one node to get desent buds from which wouldnt give u ne thing

    kinda look like miny palm trees at this point so yeah if u wanna save them get a bucked and instead of using those sticks just stick them into the bucket fill it with dirt up to the bottom leaves that are just coming in just looked back and ahhh u wouldnt be ablet o keep growing witht hose tiny flower plastic thingys those are just for germination (once your plant comes above the soil put it in a decent size pot dont wait till that point cause they stretched out man and dont look like they are getting alot of light which would probably cause the stretching in them

    o yeah blow on them or get a fan running on them to make the stem become thicker to handle during flowering
  4. yea those plants are leggy, bury that stem down to the first set of true leaves and do everything hoko've got a few more nodes to go before you're ready to put those on 12/12.
  5. Ok I planted them like you guys told me to... thanks for the help!
  6. those are HORRIBLY streched!!! your problem is definatly not enough light or the light is too far away....depending on what type of lighting u use ...move the light as close to the plant as possible w o burning least get a couple compact flourescents for side lighting ...this will increase the number of nodes before you flower.
  7. Right on Smokeout, them plants need ALOT more light...metal halide will work best for veg stage, then after u switch to flower use HSP lights or even use both for optimal growth
  8. Wow! Those things are giraffe's!
  9. Tell me you didn't buy seeds to do that to.
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    How long have they been growing? Hope they are no more than 7 days.As mentioned above the lights are too far and too weak.
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    Could possibly be a new breed from Jurassic Park going by the colour :)
  12. Just restart lmao.... those plants are asking to be killed :(
  13. those plant might be the most stretched out i have ever seen they should bounce back afer you plant them higher up on those skyscraper stems. I agree with all of the above you fosure need way more light or get them closer to the light. Good luck peace.
  14. bury them in what a well ? :eek:
  15. They look as though they are still in the seedling stage judging by the top leaves only having 3 blades, unless it is a new strain I have not seen yet.

    You can try to bury them up to about an inch belo0w the first good node, but they are very badly stretched. If it was me, I'd take my chances and cut the top 3 or 4 inches off and root them in some rockwool. It is about the same as starting over, but that kind of stretching is hard to recover from.

  16. that light needs to be moved closer. way to stretched out. other than that there fine but you will lose some yield due to that stretch

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