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  1. Been germing for a number of days now. Also that's my setup. Hopefully the fan will help some. Do you think my lights are close enough?

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  2. Get that seed in the dirt yo! I never understood germinating first, much simpler to just plant it and be done
  3. Get those things in dirt immediately.  And as long as heat isn't an issue you can get your lights as close as a quarter inch above the plant, make sure to keep an eye on it though so the plant doesn't grow into the light.
  4. They're in. When do you advise I should start watering? I read somewhere that the soil already being prepped could take care of it until it actually sprouted. Or should I go ahead and spray it some now? Lol
  5. Soil should be moist when you plant them.  Just keep the soil moist until they sprout but you don't want to soak it.  I put saran wrap over the top of my pot to keep the moisture in, keeps the soil moist without you having to worry about it drying out.
  6. yeah I have it around one of my pots. The other one has too much soil that if I cover it, there will be no room for it to sprout

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  7. When you water give it enough to get some runoff in the drip tray and DONT water it again until the soil is dry. Number one mistake is over watering.

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