Are these ready for harvest?

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  1. Hey guys. This is a new strain for me. I'm at the 70 day mark which is a little longer of a grow for me and I'm still not seeing any amber trichomes. I know some strains don't get amber but I think this one does. (Apple Fritters)

    Are you able to tell if these are ready for harvest just by looking at them? Are the pistols where they should be? Looking through my 30x Jewelers lupe the trikes look mostly milky but it's kinda hard for me to tell even at 60x magnification. I guess I don't have an eye for this yet. I know these aren't the best photos so if it's impossible to tell if they're ready for harvest I understand, just thought I'd take a shot and ask. Thanks all!

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  2. Oxbird sells a USB microscope on a crank wheel stand for $20.00 that is perfect for this. Take a tiny fingernail size clipping to a table and chair and have a real look.

    The test fragment is so tiny I have to cup it in both hands to move it and even breathing can blow it out of place under the scope.
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    While any of the USB microscopes will get the job done the rest are a nightmare to get focused.
    Ones like this (mine) suck at getting focused. The moment you let go it is out of focus. It is easier to lift the test sample up and down then to fuss with the scope.

    Psst: Be sure and remove the lens cap it is shipped with.

  4. i am smoking some apple fritters now and checked the bud with my loupe the triches are cloudy not amber
  5. That's a wow. Okay good to know
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    I have that scope brassnwood. I use it but i just suck at telling if the trikes are cloudy or half and half or what. It's embarrassing. I used the scope a few days ago and didnt see amber. I'm shocked that apple fritters might not turn amber from what sosogrow is telling me in the above post. Might be time to harvest.
  7. As others have said a scope is the best way to be sure, but based on the pics I would say you are in harvest range. When the buds look swollen and there are not any more new white haired flowers forming regularly you are in range to harvest.

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