Are these ready for harvest? 9 weeks flowering Milky Trichs. Pics

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  1. This is the final of my indica bagseed ladies, 9 weeks into flowering. Trichs are 85% milky with 15% amber. I harvested my other 2 about 2 weeks ago and have been smoking some pretty potent bud. The reason, I'm asking is because I keep on reading that I should have harvested when they were clear, then alot of people on GC say when the are milky, and for the couch lock which is what I want, then wait for amber, but then i've read the opposite which says once amber, you've basically waited too long. HELP!!!!

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  2. damn man, i dont know. but those buds look pretty delicious. I never really thought about the importance of when you cut it down. well, i got 3 months to think about it. haha. wish i could be of more help.
  3. just push yourself to 50/50...I know the wait sucks...but if your too melow..harvest earlier next time ..and if your remembering to put the bong down TOO soon after a giant hit ..let it go longer next time

    hope that makes any sence.WAY:smoking:

  4. Will do, luckily I have some of the earlier stuff I harvested so it will be worth the wait.
  5. those look really close to being done man, i would wait a couple more days and cut. happy harvest :)
  6. I would wait until atleast 50/50 like wharfrat said. if you do not, its not gonna be even close to the couchlock you want... plus the last few weeks are when the yield grows immensely so you'll only end with more bud anyways if you wait...
  7. I didn't wait till 50/50 was 95% cloudy/milky 5% amber and high was average. Not overpowering but definitely indica sleep inducing.
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