Are these ready for 12/12 yet? (first time)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by redwingsguy, Apr 13, 2002.

  1. I think I've been growing them for over a month and a half now. I was told to repot them, but I never had the time to find another pot so they just had to share. Do they look like their ready for 12/12?

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  2. pic

    Any idea why the leaves are so different? They were in the same conditions, always being rotated so they got the same fan time...

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  3. pic

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  4. BTW: I've pruned the one on the right so thats why it doesnt have any leaves on the bottom
  5. One's is mostly indica dominant and the other isn't. I'd give them a couple more weeks after transplant then induce flowering. Looks good so far, be kind and repot. Good Luck!

    BTW...ditch that transculent pot or put some opaque sheeting or tape around it.
  6. You best be repotting those puppy's won't take much to get root bound. You definately have 2 strains there.
  7. As they said...Wait on flower(you need better roots),,Bigger pot,and(IMO) you should really bury more of those mainstems,the mainstem should then thicken. It may also be a good time to snip the terminal bud back,it will redirect the plant's energy to pushing out those branches....have fun.....peace..

  8. I took everyones advice and repotted them, and I wrapped up the translucent pot.

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  9. I noticed right away that the leaves are all droopy and sad looking. I'm supposing this is caused by the shock of repotting? How many days does it usually take for them to go back to normal? should I keep the fan off for a couple of days?

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  10. They will bounce back quick, day or two. no problem!

  11. Yep...looks better...

  12. One looks like an indica and the other a hybrid, although this threads 15 years old so I can imagine you're a damn fine grower by now, so I guess this reply was pointless but I'm a bit stoned and don't know why I'm still typing

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