Are these pots too small?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'm going out today to buy supplies, wondering if i should get bigger pots too.
    and yes, i know the lights are uneven :p
  2. Yea bro, their gonna grow a lot more so what you need are 5 gallon buckets

    1 gallon for every foot the plant is
  3. That looks like a lot of stretching as for pots you should probably get bigger ones
  4. Minimum 3 gallons to flower if no using sog/scrog. You need more light like in a bad way.
  5. ok thanks.. and those are actually two fluros not one they are side by side. Probably gonna get some CFL's today
  6. Wow those things are seriously stretched, you need lights something fierce.
  7. ok i got some bigass pots :p and CFL's
  8. Post some pics! :D
  9. how old are they?
  10. I don't think so. Check out these plants grown in a 16oz cup. Bigger pots will make things easier for you as the plant gets larger though, so it's in your best interest to repot later.

    Bigger problem is the stretching. You need to add more lights and move them closer.
  11. the pots are not too small but the light is too small. you need more light. bigger pots would do no good with that small of a light output. good luck:smoking:
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    I got pots. And 4 CFL's. Comments are welcome on my grow room... I'm transplanting tomorrow morning, the bigger pot is the one that the seedling is on top of (btw its a window plant at the moment, i just moved it in cause the sun went down)


    Also, i got a timer finally!!!!!! no more waking up early :p

    Those fluoros look like nothing now..
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    double post sorry
  14. yeah bigger pots are allways better but u can grow plants pretty decent size in even a small pot like that,u just have to stay on top of it more.but yeah those compacts are better ur main problem was ur liighting i would almost promise,i veg and flower in smaller pots then everyone else and i have good i said though u gta watch em they dry out faster and shit when they get alot of roots.just my 2cents though. stay high man :smoking:
  15. Much better!! haha
  16. Yeeeeeee! I'm going to go smoke a much deserved bowl now.
  17. Nice job with the side lighting. I was gonna say to hang those tubes back up. But, then I noticed they were on the back wall. I would get those CFLs a little closer. What are the actual wattage of those bulbs? (Not the replacement watts);)

  18. 2 months 6 days
    flowering for 3 weeks

    13W energy efficient light CFLs, i have no idea about the fluros they are from walmart lol
  19. 13W is VERY low wattage. I use 27W, though I've heard the 30-42W range is optimal.

    You should move the CFLs closer, about 1" away from your plants. This means you will have to move your lights every day/other day as your plants continue to grow.

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