Are these plants toast???!?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JMJ3480, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Hey guys. Planted some critical kush plants into Kellogg organic soil. Was only option. Half the plants are struggling. Temps are 80 with 50% humidity. Attached a few pics. The plants have stopped growing after week of transplant. Just need advice on condition thanks. Haven't feed any bites yet

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  2. Not usually negative but probably not worth saving :(
  3. Any nutes I meant
  4. I had them under t4 for coupler weeks then under 1000watt my bulbs. Same as other plants and done many times brgore
  5. Yikes. Change soil , check water source too or just go to bottled spring water for week see what happens.

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  6. If I let them dry out do you think they will recover???
  7. Or should I clone the healthy ones and start over? Only about month in total
  8. If possible you could clone, but most likely would pull em and restart. How far was the 1000w from those plants? And what space are you working with?
  9. It looks like you have several problems or multiple deficiencies you said Kellogg's organic soil it might not have any fert since it's organic so that means you have to supplement those nutes thus the deficiencies. Could be wrong don't hold me to it. How close is light? How much water? What type water? Ph? It could be a lot of things need more info bro ;)
    also the soil looks clumped ? Any perlite you definitely want something to help creat better drainage

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