Are These Plants Ok.or Should I Start Over.40 Days From Seed

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    they got burnt week 3 and aslo sum sort of defiency. the duct on air cooled hood slipped off.. since then ive topped them. the new growth seems to be ok but small leafs.. are these ok i was gunna flower in a week. i have some seedlings ready to transplant in about 2 weeks. WILL THE YIELD SUFFER DRASTICALLY W/ these plants..its not an issue to reuse the soil and pot for my new seedlings that will be healthy for sure


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  2. See how your leaf edges are all twisted up and curled, that be a temperature issue, un surprisingly on that very same dominant leaf is also totally fucked and dry ...nute poisoning, if not you then who?
    No way should you consider reusing any of the previous grows soil, unless you are totally broke...and then some
    Correct your temperature instability first, hold at 75f with gear on and running, once done FLUSH ya babies, with 3 times the volume of the pot with air temp. Ph neutral water, allow to recover 24 hours in dim light, no food for the first 2 weeks then feed at 50% less for 1 month, or until you see an improvement
    Next grow add 40% or approx. of perlite to the mix of soil, this will aid in root compaction, and initially reduce the amount of uptake to the plant ...never re-use toxic to your babies
  3. can i reuse the soil if i flush it out.

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