Are these plants Indica or Sativa?

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    These are wild plants. There were no buds as apparently the buds flower in September in this region.

    I dried some of the leaves and smoked them, they did get me high, Also, I made a hash like resin from rubbing the leaves. You can see the pics attached. Also please clarify if these are in fact Sativa as they appear so to me and the effects were mainly cerebral.

    It is also possible to extract kief from these leaves and in a few photos the leave material s placed next to high quality commercial hash.

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  2. More pics.

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  3. Also covered the hash with the leaf material, it was nice.
  4. I did see some plants which resemble Indicas but most of the ones I saw/smoked were Sativa-looking and much taller than the Indica ones which were really short
  5. I assume the majority are males and there must be a lot of pollen in the air since these plants are literally everywhere and the plant is considered an invasive species over there

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  6. Although those leaves don't look like typical Sativa leaves it's probably Sativa. This study lists Sativa as growing wild in that area but says nothing about Indica. I'm surprised you managed to rub enough oil off those leaves to make hash considering they are vegging but I'm not surprised you got a buzz smoking the leaves. You must not have any tolerance so very small amounts of THC will trip your receptors. et al.pdf
  7. Ok. Except I don't think I have a low tolerance because I've been smoking weed nearly every day for the last 5 years and smoking weed and hash in general since 10 years
  8. My mistake. So have you ever seen these plants in flower? Have you considered using a solvent to extract the oil? It would be a lot easier than rubbing the sticky off the leaves.

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