Are these pistoles!!!

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  1. hey guys I'm new to growing and I have a less then 3week old dark devil auto I have just been to feed and iv just seen these (pic uploaded) I just wanted to know if they were thanx people pic not best sorry

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  2. yes sir.
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  3. Thank u I though they was just wanted to make sure :love-m3j::love-m3j:
  4. They are pistils.
  5. They are pistols

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  6. The only concern I have is that it is only about 6 inches
  7. That's average. Some women like it that size. ;)
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  8. Hahaha
  9. Well, it's an auto and I'm not sure how tall that particular strain gets. Some auto strains start off slow then take off out of nowhere. I can't tell from the pic you provided, but she seems to look healthy. I guess you'll just have to wait and see. :confused_2:
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  10. Thank u will just have to wait and see then
  11. Pistils yes, pistoles no lol
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  12. You knew what I meant tho lol

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