Are these nut sacks? response needed ASAP

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  1. hey guys. i'm 99% sure these are ball sacks but i need to be 100% sure before i scrap a plant. this is my first grow so i'm not familiar with how everything should look. i apologize for shitty quality of the photo's but i have an old camera with a piss poor micro setting. if you could let me know asap i'd appreciate it so i can remove it from my box so i can keep it pollen free. thanks for helping out a newb!

    Once again, thanks in advance for your help
  2. they look like dudes to me but im just starting first grow so im only going off what i have seen on here
  3. yea bro thats a male.
  4. damn! thats what i though. thanks for the prompt feedback guys, i gotta go get that thing out of my box asap. i have another plant in there that so far has shown no signs of ball sacks. in fact i think i see pistols starting to grow but its too early to tell. hopefully it wont be a total loss. thanks again guys, you rock!
  5. Nice balls. :D
  6. thanks, i grew them myself

    its so weird cause thats the plant i would have SWORN was femaie before i started flowering. it showed all the pre flowering signs of female and the other all the signs of a male but it looks like things are backwards. oh well, hopefully my other plant is not contaminated
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    Preflowers can be so deceiving. I try not to make early predictions, because I end up screwing my karma. =P
  8. Nothing deceiving there - those are guys.
  9. yeah, i'm glad i didn't make any rash judgements or else i'd be left with nothing

    yeah, i wasn't sure though. sometimes when there is a new growth it looks like a little sack but i was sure that was a pollen sack, just wanted to make sure before i started making mulch
  10. Yeah, they always start out with a single 'sack' that resembles both. The presence of the second + sack is the key to identifying males.
  11. ahhhh..... i did not know that. thanks for the info, that will help out in the future. i checked back over it and the main stem (wouldn't call it a cola yet) is the only place that has the nutsacks. i checked every other node on every other branch. is it possibly a hermie? is it possible to top the main stem and not have any other pollen sacks or is it not even worth it?

    secondly, how long does it take for a pollen sack to release pollen? i am only on day 4 of flowering. basically i'm asking if there is any way that it infected my other plant. i am under the impression it takes a few days for the sack to ripen enough to release pollen. can anyone confirm that?
  12. BTW, i am not a regular over here at GC (i feel like posting puts a huge bulls eye on my back) but i am an original member on a Tacoma off roading forum. as a senior member i have seen many newbs get flamed and run off the site entirely by other senior members for asking stupid naive questions. I just wanted to say that i am very impressed with the way you guys handle yourselves over here. i know i'm a newb and this was a newbie thread but you guys were helpful and not at all condescending and i noticed and appreciate that kind of behavior. you guys have a kick ass site!

    just wanted to say "thanks"

    (hopefully one day i can post freely and more often without fear of persecution)
  13. Paranoia kicking in !!!!
  14. I'm always willing to go the extra mile helping people out when they are concise and detailed with their posts. I'd bet many other growers/ex-growers identify with that position. Pictures work wonders too. :D

    It takes some time for the stamens to release pollen, but some sacks release prematurely, so it's always better to be safe. You're safe though, just remove them asap. Oh, and you don't have a hermie.. you have a full blown dood.
  15. well its already outside and i'm gonna chop it up and bury it or spread it in the woods behind our house tomorrow. as for pictures, i'm sure they help out but my camera is like 4 years old. for all you know those were naked pics of me and my gf and you'd prolly never know the differnce :p

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