Are these nanners?

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  1. Hey blades,
    I'm making this post so i don't go culling a plant and then drive myself crazy thinking "well maybe it was too early to tell..". It's 43 days old and it's been about 3 days since first signs of preflowers and there's been no real change in them other than a small amount of growth.
    Alexis - Day 42 (6).JPG Alexis - Day 42 (7).JPG Untitled.png
    I'm 99% sure they're nanners, just wanna confirm since this is my first grow!
    Thanks in advance for any help! :smoke:

  2. Those are not nanners. Nanners emerge from actual buds. Those are either female or male pre-flowers. Too early to tell at this point.
    Opps, had a mix up in my terminology. Basically was asking if they're male preflowers, thanks for the input and the correction bud.
  4. If it's growing hairs = female...
    If it's growing hairs and start to grow balls = will want to toss unless you don't care and still want the seedy bud.
    If it is male it will grow its balls within the first week or two way before buds start to develop. Around the same time the hairs on the female plants are beginning to grow, the balls will be developing and honestly dude if it's male you won't be able to miss it. Males start growing their pollen sacs way early
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    It's a calyx. You've got a girl.
  6. No nanners come out of a bud and look just like a tiny yellow banana, curve and all. But honestly they are not the end of the world. I had one plant throw some later in flower and no pollenation occured. I believe I've read that some nanners can actually make sterile pollen that will not cause any pollenation but I do not know this for a fact.

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