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are these marijuana plants?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by guLLy, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I found two plants that look like marijuana today in my yard, idk if they are look alikes or not.


    [ame=]YouTube - FILE0002[/ame]
  2. looks like a pot plant...that got eaten to shit
  3. yea thats a weed plant. and looks like the bugs are loving it to
  4. i don't think so
  5. Looks like a pine tree to me :D
  6. After looking at the video, I'd say that what you've got on your hands is most likely cannabis.
  7. Ha! maybe a cross breed! smoke that shit and let us know what happens.
  8. the video says YES, buddha in your yard

    that's pretty wierd... who would have planted that? rofl
    is that all soil? or did someone put soil down?
    do you smoke bud with alot of seeds?
  9. look like it to me, get some pesticide killer or some shit and try to grow em
  10. i remember planting the one in the picture after picking it out of a bud i was smoking, not thinking it would do anything because it wasn't even germinated.

    the one in the video i have absolutely no clue as to how it got there if it is marijuana, because its next my front walkway to my porch, i never smoked there.
  11. damn why cant there be random mj plants growing around my house haha
  12. why yes, that sure is a marijuana plant you have there!
  13. wondering if i should transplant these or not, my good seeds are done germinating and if these turned out healthy i wouldn't have to waste as much time

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