Are these male parts? (yes, I know its been asked a trillion times)

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    Hi all!
    I know this topic has been covered far and wide, but I just really want to make sure, since I don't quite see the same ball clusters I see in pictures, but just one ball hanging from different places in my plant (picture attached), and plus it's showing white hairs in several other places, so, my question is: are these male parts, making my plant a hermie? and in this case, will it flower fine and just have a few seeds like some posts say? or will the terrace of my neighbour be attacked with my hermie's pollen and ruin his crop?
    If there is any risk of that last thing happening I will most definitely kill this plant, as I would never dare ruin other people's plant just to see how mine turns out, so I really need to know the hard truth :p
    Thanks a lot!


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  2. It's hard for me to tell from the pic. But I don't think it's necessarily male. I see what you're talking about looking like nutz, but I also see a bunch of stipules/preflowers. I think you may be ok. Anyone else?
  3. Dude I've been waiting what seems like forever on this hair, and when I saw it, thought it was a dog hair and tried to blow it off.. LOL ....and I'm sober. :)

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  4. Don't see any balls in your pic, btw.. just stipules.

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  5. Hard to tell from that angle, but i'm taking a guess and saying no...just normal parts.
  6. Thanks everyone! You have given me hope! :)
    It's funny because I was almost convinced those two balls were beginnings of male parts. I will keep an eye on them anyway, as the plant was quite stressed while growing...
    Thanks again!

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