Are these Male, Female or Polinated Females

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  1. I have been growing 2 plants in my garden that I thought were two females. However now that they are budding, Im not sure if one of them or both of them are polinated, or not. Can you give me your opinion as to whether these plants are male, female or polinated females? There are two plants and one is further in the flowering stage, so looks different.

    Yes, this is the first time Ive ever done this.


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  2. hmmm, thats pretty interesting lol....

    i figured this would be an easy one... but it just looks so odd in some of those pics....

    gonna let some more experienced peeps get in here lol
  3. I also thought it was confusing....remember also these are two different plants, but they are very different I think one is haze and one is I just figured they were in different stages, but now it looks like its flowering, but with seed sacks...also, I killed what was definitely a male ages ago, so not sure how they got pollinated....if these are pollinated females?
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    Looks to me like one of your neighbors is a fellow grower:smoke: And just happened to miss a male:)
    Or you just missed a hermie branch somewhere, maybe down towards the bottom.
  5. I'm voting for seeded females.

    Silver lining: You will have plenty of good seeds.

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