Are These Led Lights Any Good?

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  1. Hey, Im new to Led Lights, I was wondering anyone with experince could help me out with this. Im looking to buy LEd lights to help with the cost of my elec bill. I was going to Buy 4 So I can grow 8 plants. Thanks for the help :)
    Here is the site
    Some info
    \tProduct Description
    • 1 X Super Grow LED power (Watts): ~25
    • Coverage area: 2′ x 2.5′ (approx 600 x 800mm)
    • Mounting weight: 5lbs (2.3 kg)
    • Operating temp.: -40F to 185F (-40C to 85C ambient)
    • Input voltage: 110VAC-220VAC
    • 5th generation LEDs
    • Lifespan: 60,000 hours
    • 3 year warranty
    • Spectrum: Full spectrum, including all chlorophyll absorption peaks plus ambers, reds, and far-reds. From blue 420nm right through to 750nm deep red
    • More efficient (lumens per Watt) than any other grow light source
    • Contains no mercury
    • Emits a fraction of the heat; BTU is a unit of energy equal to 1055 joules:
      8 X Super Grow LED's = 650 BTU's
      1 X 1000W HPS = 3,500 BTU's
    • Precise frequency management with precision power supplies
    • Precise light management with TIR optical grade lenses

  2. Those are horrible LED lights with even worse pricing, in that price range you're better off looking at growblu, area51 grow lights, or the the "hans panel" from Hans panel isn't too bad he's tested and tweaked it over many grows and people are getting over 1 gram per watt but you could probably make them yourself for $100 less with a diy kit from
  3. After looking at some of the LEDS lights I think ill go with area51 grow lights
  4. You can check the Hans panel on my grow, it's the only light I'm using right now. I'm running a bit short on newer pictures but it seems to be doing the job for now.
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    I have supergrowled.  4x25w currently.  I'll know soon. 
    No heat
    No fans - completely silent
    Literally only pulls 25w ..  very efficient
    Excellent buy back program and 5 year warranty.  Basically at any point in time they will buy them back at 50% what you paid.
    So far they are blowing away my results with a T5, use less energy and put off less heat.  At over 2 feet away from my canopy they have excellent penetration.  
    Round 1 with only 2x25w of them and I got about .75g per W..  Had nute issues or I could of got a lot more.
  6. I'm using Advanced LED XTE series and having very good results. They also use Cree and Osram chips so you get quality diodes that wont fade like most other LED grow lights use (epistar, epiled).
    Feel free to click on my journal link below and follow my journal. These lights so far are the best I have used out of 3 different brands of LED's.

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