Are these ladies ready to be transplanted?

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  1. Just wondering if these ladies are ready to go from 2 gallon to 5 gallon pots or if I waited a bit too long. This is my second grow and I am trying out topping and lst to try and maximize my yield. plants have been topped twice first the main stalks at the 3rd node then side branches. Started to tie down to even out the canopy about 5 days ago plants are super wide but only about 6 to 8 inches tall. Should I let them get a bit taller before potting up from 2 gal to 5 gal or should i have transplanted awhile ago?

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  2. I believe that those plants will do just fine in your 5 gallon pots.
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  3. They look ready to me.
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  4. Yes. i would. They look really healthy!
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  5. Thanks for the replies everyone looks like I know what il be doing tonight!
  6. Just finished transplanting thanks gromies!

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  7. Looking good.
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