Are these ladies in good health is there anything wrong so far

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  1. You may as well have posted a picture of your seeds and asked if the plants look good
  2. Huh? I'm guessing you mean I planted them to high?
  3. and or you think the seeds have just sprouted werid all of the had atap root already
  4. No dude i mean those are too small to tell anything about them so this was as productive as looking at a seed and asking is this a good plant??
    They're above ground. Thats all anyone knows lol so to answer the non question, yeah they look fine.....
  5. Ask again in 2 weeks lol
    Dont use nutes. Dont water it. Get a mist spray bottle and mist the top of the plant once a day for the first week. You can spray the mister around the plant on tje coco a little ti put in a little moisture but at this stage they need very very little buddy so be careful not to over do it with light or water. Crank your humidity up over 60% and mist them and watch it grow and then come back and tag me in 10 days and ask again. Sorry about the duck head response a little bit ago. Im an unnecessary dick and im not sure how to not be. You did nothing wrong lol but its too soon to know anything about them other than they germinated and are above ground. The next 10 days are important to not over do anything and let the plant stretch its roots out and get established before it takes off growing.
  6. Transplanting from that ceramic pot won't be easy. Next time fill your cups all the way with soil too.
  7. I keep a single T5 within an inch until ready to transplant. I like how close the nodes grow. Short/bushy instead of stretchy.

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