Are these grow tent kits reliable and worth the money?

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  1. I tried to search around on these forums before posting this. 
    First one:
    Second one:
    I plan on only growing to supply myself and my wife. We each used to smoke a lot but haven't smoked at all (me) or much (her) in the last few years due to my job and we are both in our mid-20s looking to start a family so we aren't going to be blazed 24/7. I am looking to get a decent setup where I will have quality components that aren't trash. I don't expect them to be top of the line because of the cost, but I do expect them to last a reasonable amount of time. I think the 3x3 tent will be enough for my needs, but that one does have a smaller light and uses 4" instead of 6". I have done some research and I think that everything is still proportionally sufficient in the 3x3. Is the 4x4 kit much more worth the money than the 3x3 kit for my purposes? How many plans can I expect to grow in each tent? Lastly, I read on these forums somewhere that most kits have sub-par parts. Is it not worth buying either one of these? When I price out a setup individually, I am consistently several hundred dollars over these. Also, I saw a discount code on here for 5% or 10% off so that's gonna lower the price a little bit.

  2. youll have to invest in a better inline fan. that one is junk. but everything else is good. id go with 4x4 tent
  3. If you don't mind spending the extra money a kit is simple and easy... but when I bought I picked out a tent (4X2X5height) a 600Watt light with MH and HPS bulb, a duct fan, and a couple extras for just over $300
    its usually cheaper if you buy the components separately, its good quality too 
  4. I should have posted this in the grow rooms forum, but since I got a couple responses here I'll roll with it. I can see why that inline fan seems to be garbage. I didn't even notice it until you said something. However, the second one I linked has a better one. Or is even that one not good? I'll have to do some more shopping around into individual components and seeing what a custom build would end up costing me. I'm just not very knowledgeable with it and I really like the Secret Jardin tents since tents was the first thing I researched and to me it was that or Gorilla, and Secret Jardin was better from what I gathered.
  5. I got the htg supply agromax original grow tent kit. Originally 250 watt htg supply light and ballast wich i returned and got digital greenhouse 400

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    I looked at the expensive tents like the Gorillas, but they just seemed like such overkill for growing plants in terms of strength and durability. I mean the tent is inside, in a room or closet, not out in the elements. I found a 5x5 grow tent on ebay for $160. It may not be the best, but it was way better than something than I could even build for that much.
    Anyway, on to my point. I know its expensive, but IMHO, just get the stuff you need that works right first, you will save more money in the long run. I mean, I just look at my setup and lets say in total I spent $1,000 on everything I needed. I think its less but I'm just spitballing here. In 2 grows, with only 1 plant per grow, I count up the 7 ounces of dried bud I have gotten and figure that that amount is worth to me about $2,000 in bud I didn't or won't have to buy. It is a lot of money for good stuff, but in the long run it will be peanuts compared to what you get back.
  7. <div>This site has no rating

    </div>I just looked at the Lighthouse tents and was quite impressed by what I read and saw on their website. But then I checked Amazon and saw many less than favorable reviews. Maybe you got lucky or maybe they aren't as bad as other people are making them seem. So I went ahead and tried putting together a setup through Amazon and it is much cheaper than I thought it would be. Since I am not very informed about all this, would all these work together well and give me adequate results?
    Tent: Secret Jardin Darkroom II Pro DR90 36"x36"x72"
    Lighting bundle: Apollo Horticulture MH HPS Grow Light Digital Dimmable Ballast System for Plants - Air Cool Hood Reflector Set
    Fan/Filter bundle: New Hydropronic 6" Inline Fan With Carbon Filter Combo Odor Control Air Quiet
    Fan speed controller (is this even necessary?): SE Electronic Stepless Speed Controller
    Weather monitor: AcuRite 613 Indoor Humidity Monitor
    This would all equal out to be $460 with $50 shipping, compared to the bundles I was looking at they were $620/$750 +~$100 shipping. I didn't include ducting because I figured I could get that at a hardware store rather than paying shipping. I am thinking that the 3x3 will be enough for me. I could likely comfortably grow 2 plants in there, or 3 if I stagger their placement. I opted for the 400w lighting due to the 3x3 size. If I went to a 4x4 I would likely bump it up to 600w. I like the reflectors with the air vents on them so I picked that. Everything else though I mostly picked out decently priced (not too cheap not too expensive) items with good reviews. The fan speed controller has received questionable reviews but it is still the best rated one I could find at a reasonable price. With a grand total of $515 I've got some wiggle room if there is anything I really should be springing a little more money on. However, I plan on buying a vaporizer as well so best not to spend too much money.
  8. Homeboy idk but your doing exactly wht I am here in a month! I asked same questions lol. Later when I'm home I'll look at my posts. Adude gave me full set up list that he reccomended. I'm going with LED so I donnnt need a hood//ballast and its running me about 600$, should last me forever

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    That would be great. I'm sure these forums get flooded with these questions. I haven't looked into LED at all but I am very intrigued and will start doing some research now. Thanks.
  10. I wouldn't use anything less than a 600w and 6inch ducting on a 3x3. and 1000w and 8inch ducting on a 4x4. just my .02
    and it usually is cheaper to buy the components separately and build it yourself. always ends up being better quality too. in the end, even if you initially spent a little extra money, buying the stuff yourself ends up cheaper because you wont have to upgrade any parts, do it exactly how you wanna do it. just do some more research and see what you would want with your system. you might end up changing your initial plan anyways and getting something you'd enjoy more.
  11. Well I forgot between jobs. So I will in about 4 hours. I wasn't thinking led till the dude who made this list was talking about it with another member. This thread has lots of info. I'm lookin to grow 4 plants and get 2-3 oz per. Do like 2 a year

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  12. Man dish, i wish i knew to get 600 for my 3x3. Can u believe i was running 250 in there lol. Thank god the shitty ballast broke and at least im 400 now. @250 i had to add cfls wich was defeating the purpose.

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  13. I read through that thread about the lighting. I'm definitely leaning towards LED for the ease of use. I asked what size to use in a 3x3 and was suggested a 900w. Could I get away with a 700w to save some money? What about a 400w to save even more money? I am open to the idea of expanding and adding more lights over time, so it is tempting to get a more cost efficient initial setup, then once I get a grasp on the finances I can add more to it. I'm about to lose my job so I can't predict my money for the future.
    I get what youre saying. I get the cheaper grow tent and your reasons...but wont that "extra" durability you feel you dont really need end up giving you a longer life? So it ends up giving you better bang for your buck?
    Im just asking because Im in line with your reasoning. I used to play poker so i always look at the LONG run of things...and the way i see it, I may be paying 50% more for a Gorilla (or Secret Jardin now) tent BUT they are extremely well built and could quite possible be a tent that i have for my lifetime. BUT you kinda go against that when you mention buying a cheaper grow tent...but you give your reasons for that.
    (semi)New to this, and likely still a year away from going for it honestly...but i like to research and find growing interesting. Im looking to spare no expense when it comes to security. THIS is the reason I was leaning toward the Gorilla Tents, they just seem better built...and just figure better built means better stitching so itll end up as "airtight" as can be for a grow tent. Also, im looking at a 3x3 and will be growing strictly for I dont ever see me outgrowing a yield ill get in a 3x3 once i master the art of small tent growing. So im willing to spend the money up front if it will end up worth it in the long run...which wont take that long since herb can get expensive for a heavier smoker(vaper).
    Let me know what you all think about my reasoning and if you can advise me and point me in the right path. Thanks. Sorry to hijack, but figure bump is better than another thread asking the same.
 Secret Jarding and Gorilla Tents kinda the grow tent version of Chevy vs. Ford?
    Guess I did contradict myself a little bit. I guess it depends on your situation. I went with the better lights and fans and all the other components. I do see what you mean about the strength and durability of one of the other, more expensive tents, but for my situation I didn't really need it. I keep the tent in a basement, and because the lights are off downstairs and no outside light gets in, light leaks really didn't bother me. I don't need to worry about keeping it secure as I am the only one who lives here. Granted, I do have a couple small light leaks out of the zippers but again, that wasn't really my priority. If this tent starts coming apart, then I made a poor decision and will need to go with a better one, but as long as the zippers work and I don't get any large tears in the tent, the cheaper one works out for me. Plus it was one of the more expensive components which drug me down a bit. A cheap ballast vs a good one might mean the difference of $50. The cheap tent vs the good one was almost $200 difference.
  16. @[member="cherokee91red"] I think I may have come off wrong, and you may have thought I was criticizing your choice for your situation. I understand your reasoning and you mentioned why you went your route. I apologize if i did.
    I was pretty much tying to get at wether or not people thought the pricier tents would be worth their worth. Kinda like boxing pound 4 pound rankings....are the more expensive tents worth more in a dollar 4 dollar sense. I wanna ideally make a one time large purchase. Security is important like i mentioned so im also expecting to pay top or at least high(er) dollar for the other stuff ill need like lights, fans, filtration for odor, etc...
    With all that being said, Im about to contradict myself. I want to keep this as LOW budget as can be!LOL im by nature a cheap guy, I call it frugal...I dont want to spend money unless its necessary. BUT i am always willing to pay money, even top dollar, for high QUALITY stuff. With my high security goals and hot climate and other factors in my situation I am also expecting to be paying more money than would be ideal for a cheap guy like me!ha
  17. Nah, didn't think you were criticizing, just didn't realize before I talked about cheaping out, then getting good stuff. In my opinion, if you're trying to get the best stuff for the cheapest price, don't but any of those "pre-made" sets of really, anything. Sometimes they are great deals, but in my experience, most cases have 1 or 2 good things, and then a bunch of garbage that you end up having to replace anyway. Plus, if you have a really good plan in mind, you will be able to buy stuff once. I am not such a person, which is why I usually buy the cheaper options first. I have to really figure out first-hand what works and what doesn't in a trial-and-error fashion, so I probably end up spending more than I should.
  18. If you have a budget then your ballast, bulb, and filter should be top priority, as in best quality equipment. Fan, hood, enclosure should be last, generic equipment here makes no difference in function or yield. (Well, some hoods have a better light spread but I wouldn't consider it a top priority)
    I wouldn't sacrifice quality or output on the first three to get better quality on the last three. Of course, if you don't have a budget then it's great to go all-out buying the best of everything, but if you have a budget and want the most bang for your buck then those are the areas I would concentrate on.
    Grener's has 1kw Eye Hortilux bulbs for $59 right now if anybody's interested... (less than half price)
    You can get a 1kw dimmable Lumatek ballast (5 year warranty), Eye Hortilux bulb, and Can-lite filter for $450... best equipment available IMO. I've had a few ballasts fail on me mid-grow, always go with Lumatek now. Add 2x generic 6" fans + speed controllers, air-cooled hood ($60-$75 hydrofarm), and a cheap 4x4 and you can grow a pound easily for about $700 in equipment. You could spend twice that and yield half with LED and a nice tent if that's your goal, but some of us have to make the most of our budget.
    IMO, this is the best combination for quality, yield, and budget but feel free to upgrade in all areas if your money is long. Personally, if I wasn't constantly thinking about and working on upgrades to my grow it would get pretty boring.
    Cheers!! :bongin:

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