are these good size for their age?

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    are these plants a good size for 32 days old?
    First picture is indica, unknown strain
    Second is satavia, sunkist
    And third is both.
    They are in miracle grow slow release nutrients, i know its not the best soil but its all i have for starters. they both have spidermites :( but i wash the leafs everyday, and if they get worse i will start looking for sprays of some sort. but otheer than that they seem healthy to me. i see alot of pictures of plants the same age that are alot bigger, so i was wondering if these are healthy or am i doing something wrong?


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  2. Not bad man could be a little bigger but are ok they look like they are starting to need some nutes.
  3. thank you. what nutes should i start using, and how can you tell that they need them?
  4. They are needing some nitrogen. The lower leaves have yellowed out and its is climbing up the plant slowly more leaves are yellowing.
  5. so what nutes would i use for that?
  6. Transplant to a bigger pot. Thats #1. Then hook them up with some nutes high in N. Personally I would xplamt them and top dress an inch of worm castings with kelp and alfalfa mixed in. But there are so many nutrient lines available it is totally ur call. Anything for bloom.

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  7. well this is my first grow. i have no idea when it comes to nutes man. 
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    Theyre outside so chances are theyll grow fine
    Theyre a good size you should be fine.......that soil you used is deficient in almost all nutrients since its "slow release" you should consider feeding it some other "Veg" nutrient aswell my friend at least for a little while
    goodluck :)
  9. They look ok but i'd suggest bigger pots.
  10. Start a worm compost and use the worm tea

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