Are these good nutes?

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    So I just bought some Foxfarm Ocean Forrest (only 10 bucks) and I saw they had "Alaska Fish Fertilizer and Mor-Bloom" for 7.95.

    Are these good nutrients to give a plant possibly in the vegetative stage?


    Also what about this brand and type of nutes? "Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice" "Micro,Bloom, and Grow"

  2. I've never heard of the Alaska brand. Advanced Nutrients is the 400 pound gorilla of growing. They spend a lot of money on marketing, and you pay the price when you buy their products. They make good stuff, I just prefer not to spend my hard earned money on fancy labels.

    The Advanced Nutrients Grow/Micro/Bloom is essentially a copy of General Hydroponics' Grow/Micro/Bloom. Technically, it's all you need for nutrients. However, you can make it one step easier, and look into Lucas formula. GH FloraNova Bloom is the only nutrient you need through veg and flowering. You'll save a lot of money this way, and it makes it easier to learn how to grow/dial in your environment.
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    Do you think at 6.95 Ea. for a quart is a good price?
    for the Jungle Juice.
  4. People SAY that Advanced Nutrients spends a lot of money on marketing, but I don't think they actually do. They put a lot of effort into marketing but I'd bet you anything it doesn't cost nearly what people think it does. They're not doing TV commercials or other expensive ad campaigns.

    Web advertising is only expensive if you want to spend a lot of money on it.

    Their R&D department is where most of the money goes I bet. You can hire some college kid to do the artwork for your labels for the price of a steak dinner and the promise he can use it in his portfolio. PhD's don't work for peanuts, and a biology and chemistry lab need expensive tech.

    Everything we buy costs more than simply the sum of the cost of the parts and labor. They factor in the cost of electricity to keep the store open, trash service, everything. If you owned a company you wouldn't be willing to make less profit on the goods you sold than the cost of keeping the business running, would you? No, you have to set the prices high enough that you can pay all the employees, the electric bill, rent, etc. The cost of research to bring the product to market has to be rolled into the price somehow.

    Big Mike actually did an interview just recently where he was saying that they're looking at considering some of their products to have "paid off" the cost of research, dropping that expense from their price and passing the savings on to us. That should be interesting to see.


    He's talking about it starting at around 6:50 or so.

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