Are these getting enough light?

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  1. My leaves seem to be healthy, but the sun leaves and the first set a leaves seem to be falling behind in the growth, Im growing with 60 Watt CFL daylight and 2700k temperatures.

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  2. They look decent but it is probably time to improve your lighting. The problem with low intensity bulbs is penetration. The taller the plant gets the more the bottom nodes will be neglected. At that size you can always bury part of the stem, or just let it go once you adjust lighting. Depending on how you grow them it may be better to prune the bottoms before flowering anyway.
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  3. Top it at the 4th or 5th node and get that light right down on top of her. Cfls need to be within inches since there is no penetration. A stronger light or more cfls with splitters is needed
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  4. How many days old?
  5. Looks ok. Clear pots are not good for roots though

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  6. To answer your thread topic - no.
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  7. No clear pots!!! Roots don’t like light

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