Are These Fans Enough to Vent My Grow Tent?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Retaardvark, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Tent: Reflective Mylar 96" X 48" X 78" Hydroponics Grow Tent Hydro Box Hut Cabinet: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    I will be using two 400W MH/HPS hoods. There will be two sets of exhaust ducting, leading from the hood of each lamp to my attic, pulling air through a carbon filter on the way.

    In the ventilation FAQ, it is said that the air should be refreshed around every five minutes. Also, to accommodate the filter, it says one should double the target CFM. This still means that each fan only needs to be pulling 40-50 CFM. Does this seem accurate?

    Can boosters work? The boosters in question:
    2x 6-Inch 110VAC 250 CFM In-Line Duct Fan: Electronics

    Reviews say its true static pulling power is 160 CFM. Together then, that is 160 CFM of true ventilation after adjustment for a carbon filter. Is this enough to keep my grow tent well-ventilated?
  2. You aren't gonna want 2 of the same size fans. The one pulling in fresh air should have less cfm than the one pulling the air out.

    That's what the guy at my hydro shop told me, I followed his advice and my tent was vented really well. I used a $200 can fan, to pull air, and a $90 axial fan to push fresh air in. Worked awesome :D
  3. I am not using one for exhaust and one for intake but rather both for exhaust, each one connected to one 400W MH/HPS. I may just end up using one piece of ducting and connecting the lights together and buying a much more powerful fan. Does that seem preferable? (exhaust two lights together instead of each separately)
  4. Yes it makes more sense, but if you already have the two fans just use them. Otherwise get a bigger fan. Also you are gonna want cold fresh air flowing in your tent... heat becomes a big problem if you don't deal with it properly.
  5. those fans are no good when you add a carbon filter, just buy a good 6-8 inch rvk fan or similar, use the 1 fan to cool your lights and suck through a filter.

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